State Treasurer Gordon in
town for Lincoln Day Dinner

Karla Pomeroy

Wyoming State Treasurer Mark Gordon plans to take Republicans back to its roots tonight at the Washakie County Republican Party annual Lincoln Day Dinner.
Gordon, who will deliver the keynote address during the banquet that begins at 7 p.m. at the Elks, said “What I’m going to talk about is I’m going to tie the time before Lincoln, when the country was struggling with identity with lots of different political parties and huge issues of the day, to today and how important it is that the Republicans remain a strong force for liberty and limited government and how important it is for the country going forward just as it was then.”
Gordon is also going to talk about the recent constitutional initiative, Senate Enrolled Joint Resolution 1, which would allow investment of non-permanent state funds. The current Wyoming Constitution, according to information from the Legislative Service Office, restricts the investment of state funds in stocks and other equities to only permanent funds of the state and funds of the public employee retirement systems.
Gordon said he was pleased they were able to get it through the Legislature and he will be working over the next few years to get around the state answering questions and talking about why this amendment would be a good thing for the state. The initiative will be on the 2016 general election ballot.
“It’s a very thoughtful proposal. It’s not sort of thing the Legislature can whimsically go buy a bunch of stock nor can the State Loan and Investment Board do that.” He said it will take a two-thirds majority of both houses to establish funds and there would be a cap. Then SLIB along with advisors would “build an asset allocation that will be prudent and protective.”
He said there are two reasons he pushed for the resolution. With the Federal Reserve keeping rates so low, as rates start to increase, his concern is that the income securities Wyoming has now could become less valuable. He said he wants to be able to diversify and have “more goods in the basket to protect against that possible erosion. And then, if we’re skillful and fortunate we’ll make a little better return for the state.”
The second reason is numbers, the state agency pool gets 3 percent return, while the permanent funds that are invested see a 6 percent return rate.
He said he will also discuss work during the interim with legislators to find ways to help towns and counties get a better return on their investments as well.
Gordon is excited to return to the Big Horn Basin. “It’s always great to be in Washakie County. I grew up in Kaycee,” he said, adding that with his wife and him still having a ranch in Buffalo, “Worland is near and dear to our hearts.”
He added, “It’s really an honor to have an opportunity to be in Washakie County. I’ve made the last three dinners. Washakie County Republicans are a very strong, good conservative group and they do know how to have fun.”
Gordon, was first appointed state treasurer after the death of Joe Meyer. He retained the office when he was elected last year.

Three arrested, charged in death of man who was decapitated

CODY, Wyo. (AP) — Authorities have filed charges against three people in the death of a 30-year-old man who was found decapitated in northern Wyoming last year.
Juan Antonio Guerra-Torres was found dead on Jan. 9, 2014, along a remote dirt road in Park County.
The Park County Sheriff’s Office on Friday identified the three taken into custody as 51-year-old John Louis Marquez; 27-year-old Sandra Garcia; and 28-year-old Pedro Garcia Jr.
The Powell Tribune reports ( ) that Marquez was arrested in Bonham, Texas, while both Sandra and Pedro Garcia were taken into custody in Effingham County, Georgia.
Marquez is charged with conspiracy to commit murder in the first degree and murder in the first degree, while Sandra Garcia and Pedro Garcia, Jr. are each charged with conspiracy to commit murder in the first degree and aiding and abetting murder in the first degree, Park County Sheriff Scott Steward said.
Marquez and Sandra Garcia are in custody, awaiting extradition, while Pedro Garcia has waived extradition on an unrelated charge, Steward said.
It was not clear Friday afternoon whether Pedro Garcia had been sent back to Wyoming.
Steward and County Attorney Bryan Skoric were not immediately available for comment Friday afternoon, according to their offices.
Steward said in a statement that the case remains under investigation.
Investigators said that Guerra-Torres was shot several times, decapitated and was missing his left arm.

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