Photo courtesy of Jamie Dalin
Big Horn County marksmen Cody Strauch, Will Dalin and Drayton Griffin take aim during the .22 rifle competition at State Shoot.

Morgan Haley of Greybull takes aim at an animal target during archery at State Shoot.

BHC shooters capture awards

DOUGLAS — Seventeen Big Horn County 4-H Shooting Sports members traveled to Douglas July 10-13 for the State Shoot where over 600 marksmen from across the state participated in gun and archery contests.
“The youth have competed in weekly practices since May, polishing their talents and honing their skills,” said BHC 4-H Educator Gretchen Kelso. “We are fortunate to have dedicated youth, parents, leaders and supporters.”
Kelso added a special thanks to Code Red Tactical for sponsoring shirts the county’s state shooters.
Winners from Big Horn County were:
• 22 Pistol — Jr Division: Nicole Boreen (Otto) 4th place
• 22 Rifle light target — Jr Division: Jeremy Holloway (Emblem) 21st place
• Sporter — Jr Division: Tucker Hatch (Burlington) 1st place; Nathaniel Boreen (Otto) 11th place; Conner Hatch (Burlington) 13th place. Int Division: Will Dalin (Greybull) 22nd place. Sr Division: Kade Gifford (Lovell) 5th place; Dawson Wood (Cowley) 13th place; Drayton Griffin (Shell) 20th place; Cody Strauch (Greybull) 30th place
• Air Pistol — Jr Division: Nathaniel Boreen (Otto) 10th place
• Air Rifle Light Target — Sr Division: Drayton Griffin (Shell) 40th place
• Archery Class B — Jr Division: Tucker Hatch (Burlington) 1st place; Paige Flom (Shell) 13th place; Weston Haley (Greybull) 19th place. Int Division: Karina Boreen (Otto) 29th place
• Class D — Jr Division: Jeremy Holloway (Emblem) 33rd place; Tyler Dalin (Greybull) 71st place. Int Division: Harley Flom (Shell) 12th place; Morgan Haley (Greybull) 16th place; Will Dalin (Greybull) 58th place. Sr Division: Reece May (Cowley) 15th place; Kade Gifford (Lovell) 22nd place; Drayton Griffin (Shell) 36th place; Cody Strauch (Greybull) 49th place.
• Outdoor Skills Competition — Jr Division: Jeremy Holloway (Emblem) 8th place; Weston Haley (Greybull) 18th place. Int Division: Morgan Haley (Greybull) 49th place. Sr Division: Drayton Griffin (Shell) 23rd place; Cody Strauch (Greybull) 44th place.
• Shotgun — Jr Division: Weston Haley (Greybull) 1st place. Int Division: Will Dalin (Greybull) 20th place; Morgan Haley (Greybull) 40th place. Sr Division: Drayton Griffin (Shell) 24th place; Dawson Wood (Cowley) 31st place; Cody Strauch (Greybull) 32nd place; Kade Gifford (Lovell) 84th place.
• Shotgun with Handicap — Jr Division: Weston Haley (Greybull) 1st place. Int Division: Will Dalin (Greybull) 30th place; Morgan Haley (Greybull) 46th place. Sr Division: Drayton Griffin (Shell) 16th place; Dawson Wood (Cowley) 25th place; Cody Strauch (Greybull) 55th place; Kade Gifford (Lovell) 78th place.
• Pistol Senior Team — 9th place, team members were Drayton Griffin, Kade Gifford and Cody Strauch.
• Sporter Junior Rifle Team — 4th place, team members were Tucker Hatch, Nathaniel Boreen and Conner Hatch.
• Unsighted Junior Archery Team — 1st place, team members were Tucker Hatch, Paige Flom and Weston Haley
• Freestyle Junior Archery Team — 12th place, team members were Harley Flom, Morgan Haley, Jeremy Holloway and Karina Boreen.
• Freestyle Senior Archery Team — 7th place, team members were Reece May, Kade Gifford, Drayton Griffin and Cody Strauch.

Forum to feature commish hopefuls today

By Jeanette Johnson
Staff Writer

WORLAND – The five Republican candidates running for two seats for Washakie County Commissioner will appear in a public forum today (Thursday) at the Worland Senior Center, giving the voters an opportunity to hear first hand what they have to offer.
Incumbents Terry Wolf and Ron Harvey and challengers Randall Adams, Jim Butterfield and Dale Wagner have all accepted the invitation to participate in the event.
During the noon meeting, each candidate will speak for three minutes, introducing themselves and explaining why they are running for public office, center Director Wendy Fredricks said.
Moderator Steve Cady will ask each candidate one or two questions, giving them equal time to respond.
The forum will be opened up to the audience to ask further questions which each man will have the chance to answer.
People will gather in the dining hall where diners can finish their meals as the five begin their exchange. Fredricks encourages people to arrive early to get settled before the forum begins. The center will start serving lunch at 11:30 a.m.
A second forum will be held at the Worland Senior Center on Thursday, July 31 from noon to 1 p.m. to introduce the public to candidates running for Washakie County Attorney. Incumbent Marcy Argeris and challenger John Worrall will follow a similar pattern as the program for the county commissioner candidates.
Whether planning to come for the meal and forum or for the purpose of hearing what the candidates have to say, the public is welcome.

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