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 By Alex Kuhn    Sports    April 8, 2017

Hear me out...Hey NCAA I have a few ideas for you

Waking up Monday morning my first two thoughts were, “Wow, that is an unfortunate amount of snow,” and “I wonder if the snow is going to push [Monday’s] Worland/Lander games back?” The latter proved to be true and while I was rearranging... Full story

 By Alex Kuhn    Sports    April 1, 2017

Hear me out...My two cents on Colin Kaepernick

There’s been a lot of talk about why Colin Kaepernick remains unsigned. The popular speculation for his current unemployment is because he took a knee during the National Anthem. The topic has been widely debated on talking heads shows from ESPN...

 By Alex Kuhn    Sports    March 15, 2017

Hear me out...Your definitive guide to bracket gold or bracket fire

It has been a crazy last three weeks but the NCAA men's basketball tournament starts tomorrow and I'm back to give you the best bracket advice in all of media. Before jumping into my insights, tips...

 By Alex Kuhn    Sports    March 15, 2017

Hear me out...So about that Super Bowl

I have a bit of ADD today and I couldn’t play “Sophie’s Choice” with the two sports stories that dominated ESPN and social media this week. So I’ll touch on both topics for this week’s column. First up, Super Bowl LI. I never once...

 By Alex Kuhn    Sports    November 18, 2016

Hear me out...So much to talk about, it's time for the inaugural column buffet

There has been a lot happening in the world of sports since the Cubs won the World Series. Rather than give you a single entrée I'm setting up a buffet style of topics. So enjoy and enjoy as much as...


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