Meeteetse begins
6-Man title defense in Kaycee

By Sisco Molina
Sports Writer

MEETEETSE – If the Longhorns are to repeat as 1A 6-Man champions this year, it’ll be a lot more difficult than it was in 2013’s title run. They’ll be on the road from here on out as they try to make a consecutive trip to Laramie in a couple weeks.
Most teams dread the long road trips in the playoffs. But with the amount Meeteetse has traveled this year, Wyoming’s highways have almost become a second home to the Longhorns.
“We’ve played so much on the road this year that I don’t think there’s a better way for our playoffs to be than to be on the road,” coach Matt Jensen joked. “We’ve spent more time with each other than we probably have our families this year.
“Our kids know the test in front of them and they know they’re going to have to be road warriors to win this game.”
They’ll be travelling to Kaycee Friday to take on the No. 2 1A 6-Man East Buckaroos – a team they haven’t played this season but faced twice last year in both the regular season and playoffs. They were a team full of youth last time the Longhorns faced them. But now a year older and more experienced, they pose a much bigger problem to Meeteetse.
“They were a young team, they had a lot of really good athletes that were sophomores,” Jensen said. “This year they’re a year older so I know they’re a really good team. They’re a solid No. 2 team and we’re going to have to do a lot of things right to come out of Kaycee with a W (Friday.)”
One of those things is stopping Kaycee’s Taylor Rouse. He averages 156 yards per contest on the ground and is the Buckaroos’ main threat offensively with 14 total touchdowns this season.

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DAILY NEWS photo by Sisco Molina
The Lady Warriors had one last day of practice before the regional tournament Thursday. Above. Mackenzie Cottrell sets a pass for Haley Lopez. Below, Kali Lempka works on her digs during Thursday afternoon’s practice at Worland High School. The Lady Warriors will host the 3A East Regional Volleyball Tournament Friday and Saturday. Their first game will be at 9 a.m. Friday.

Lady Warriors set to host of 3A East in regional tournament

By Sisco Molina
Sports Writer

WORLAND – Often times, coaches like to say once the postseason comes around the records reset and every team is 0-0. What happened in the regular season doesn’t matter, anything can happen.
This year’s Lady Warriors are no different.
As Worland gears up to host the 3A East Regional Volleyball Tournament Friday, coach Brittany Miller wants her team to remember the past is the past – they need to focus on the now. She knows the teams they lost to in the regular season certainly aren’t unbeatable.
But at the same time, the teams they beat won’t roll over due to having previously lost already.
They’re going to get each team’s best shot each time they’re out there on the court.
“I think every game at regionals is going to be a hard fought battle through the end,” Miller said Thursday. “Every round, every match, every school – no one’s going to have an easy walk through regionals this year.”
Up first for the Lady Warriors is Wheatland, a team they beat in five games back on Oct. 11. Much like every team in the pool, Wheatland is fighting for its chance of qualifying for the state tournament in Casper next weekend.
But unlike every other team, Worland boasts the advantage of playing every match this weekend on its home floor. Teams like Torrington, Douglas, Wheatland, Rawlins, Glenrock and Newcastle all have to drive multiple hours – miles that definitely wear a team down.
“I hope if our girls are sleeping in their own beds and making the decisions they’re supposed to be making that being on our home court will be a great opportunity,” Miller said.
With the game set to begin at 9 a.m. Friday, the Lady Warriors will no doubt have the advantage of not having travelled the night before the match. Wheatland – on the other hand – is not so lucky. And if all goes right, Worland will be one step closer toward its ultimate goal – a return to the state tournament in Casper.

Bobcats head to Mountain View as underdog in quarterfinal matchup

By Sisco Molina
Sports Writer

THERMOPOLIS – Last year, the Bobcats were in a similar position heading into the playoffs as this year. Entering as the No. 4 seed from the 2A East, Thermopolis travelled to Burns to face No. 1 and previously undefeated Burns for the quarterfinals of the 2A State Football Playoffs.
They were hardly given an outside chance, but that didn’t matter. All they needed was to believe within their own team they would win – and they did.
The Bobcats upset the Broncs 20-12 in the first round, advancing to the semifinals to face Mountain View where they would eventually lose 14-6 – only one game away from a state championship appearance in Laramie.
Though the first round opponent has changed this year, coach Rob Anderson is hoping the result from last year doesn’t.
“Our kids know from last year and they have confidence. Our season has kind of gone the same way it did last year,” Anderson said. “We had the ups and downs through the regular season. We feel our kids have confidence coming into this and if we play to the best of our ability we’re going to be able to have that chance to knock a number one team off.”
With a long road trip ahead of them, the Bobcats made the trek to Mountain View Thursday afternoon like they did last year when they faced the Buffaloes in the semifinals. Opting to do so prevents the team from having to wake up early Friday morning and making the long road trip on a bus – arriving mere hours before the game with dead legs.
“We felt like it gives us a little advantage to be able to come over, make sure the kids are getting to bed at the right time and not having to get up and sit on a bus and being sluggish,” Anderson said. “This way we can treat it more like a regular school day where we can get them up, get them moving and not have them resting the whole time.”
They’ll need any little advantage they can get when facing Mountain View, a team that features two of 2A’s top rushers in running back Cade Covington and quarterback Austin Housekeeper who combine to average 220.2 yards per game and have 41 total touchdowns between the two of them.


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