Mixed results Lady Warriors at Douglas Invite

By Bob Vines

WORLAND –– It was a weird day at the Douglas Invite Friday for the Worland volleyball team.
Lander beat the Lady Warriors, the Lady Warriors beat Thermopolis, Thermopolis beat Wheatland and Wheatland beat the Lady Warriors and Lander.
“We were all jumbled up,” said Worland head coach Brittany Miller.
So jumbled up in fact, at 10:30 p.m. Friday, the Lady Warriors still didn’t know what their match ups would be for today’s action.
Miller said that the inconsistent play for all teams comes from it being so early in the year.
“We’re blending a whole group of sophomores with a whole group of seniors and blending chemistry on the court is one of the most difficult things to do in volleyball and that’s what the preseason is for,” she said.
“So far this preseason I have yet to put them in an actual lineup. Today was the first day that we had six girls on the court together. It will take a little time to get that chemistry build.

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Worland senior Sarah Schroefel came back from five-strokes to win the Worland Invite over Buffalo’s Hannah Pfister by two strokes Friday at Green Hills Golf Course.

Schroefel comes from behind to win home invite

By Bob Vines

WORLAND – Worland senior golfer Sarah Schroefel overcame a 5-stroke deficit on Thursday to come back at win the Worland Invite tournament at Green Hills Golf Course Friday.
After shooting a 92 on Thursday, the former state champ trimmed ten strokes on the second day with an 82 to beat Hannah Pfister of Buffalo by two strokes. The two seniors are very familiar with each other, Schoefel also beat Pfister in a sudden-death playoff for the Absaraka Conference Championship last September.
“It was great for (Shroefel) to win the Warrior Invite her senior year,” said head coach Kevin Heyer.
“She is very good at course management and she is also very good at knowing who her competition is.”
Heyer said Shroefel meticulously follows where she is on the leaderboard from hole to hole, always making adjustments.
“She puts the pressure on herself and knows what she needs to do to win tournaments, hole-by-hole and shot-by-shot. She is a very educated golfer,” he said.
Shroefel sat in third place after the first day, but the coach knew she was capable of a big turnaround on the home course.
The coach was also proud of his other girls, two of which improved from their first day while the other shot consistently. Madisyn Boltz improved by eight strokes for a total of 250 and Sabrina Shroefel improved by three strokes for a 229. Freshman Katelin Scheuerman was consistent, shooting three strokes over her Thursday total.
On the boy’s side, the Warriors were missing their top golfer from Thursday. McCoy Molzahn was unable to compete Friday due to a previous commitment. Junior Jacob Lamm stepped up and shot a 113, six strokes better than Thursday. Freshman Gaten Jolley also saw a four stroke improvement, Keatyn Love shote a 126 after shooting a 123 the day before.

DAILY NEWS photo by Bob Vines
Worland defensive lineman Thor Ware, Jr., gets one of his three sacks Friday night. Andrew Ruiz also got three sacks. Mauricio Caballero lead the Warriors in tackles.

Warriors run over Riverton

By Bob Vines

WORLAND – The Worland Warriors wracked up 415 yards on the ground to beat the Riverton Wolverines 24-21 in their Zero Week game at Warrior Stadium.
The winning drive was a beauty. After stuffing the Wolverines on the 5-yard line, the Warriors marched 95 yards, all on the ground, in a little over four minutes and capped it with a 12-yard Conner Warner touchdown. Their third two-point conversion of the night put the score to 24-21 with under two minutes left.
Any hope for a Wolverine comeback was thwarted by Taran Pennington’s interception that gave the Warriors the ball back with a minute and a half.
The Warriors overcame two turnovers inside the ten yard line, including a fumble on the one-yard line that led to a 99-yard touchdown run by Wolverine Keyran Higgs on the very next play. That was the only play the Wolverines ran in the third quarter.
That put the Wolverines up 21-8 in the third quarter.
Near the end of the third quarter, faced with a fourth down and four on the 24-yard line, Warner scampered for a touchdown to put the Warriors within 16-21.
The Warriors started the night in the double wing offense and easily moved the ball from the formation from the opening drive, which resulted in a four-yard touchdown run by quarterback Steele Ware.
The Warriors spread the ball around out of the double wing, including two 100-yard rushers. Warner led the Warriors with 115 yards and junior Mauricio Caballero ran for 106. Sophomore Daniel Araiza ran for 94 yards.
Quarterback Steele Ware connected for one pass to Pennington for 12 yards.
Thor Ware, Jr. and Andrew Ruiz got three sacks apiece while Caballero led the team in tackles.
Senior Palmer Edholm recovered two on-side kicks for the Warriors in the second half.
“We went in (at half) and we said let’s try to get the ball back and the kids came through,” said Coach Ware.
At times the Warriors did appear to be their own worst enemy with three turnovers at crucial spots on the field and a couple big plays negated due to penalties.
“We learned a lot from this,” first year head coach Thor Ware said after the game. “They had some good size and some good kids.”
On occasion the Warriors moved out of the double wing option formation, but they saw the most success pounding the ball on the ground.
The coach felt his offensive line got tired throughout the game and started to block high.
“Later on in the game we started to get more confidence and even though we were tired, we were starting to get low,” said the coach.
The new-look Warriors didn’t punt once, opting to go for it on fourth every time. They also on-side kicked on every kickoff and went for two each time they scored a touchdown.
The last time the Worland Warriors beat the Riverton Wolverines was the last time they were in the playoffs in 2009. It was a 38-37 double overtime win.
“I’m glad that it turned out in our favor. (Riverton) played a lot tougher than I expected from watching film. Our strength started wearing on them and we are going to continue to get stronger.”
The Warriors will begin their regular season schedule next Friday when they host Lander Valley.


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