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By Karla Pomeroy

Hospital construction under way

Patients encouraged to use main east entrance


Karla Pomeroy

Peering through the construction fence around the southern portion of Washakie Medical Center, residents can see construction work beginning on the new additions to the hospital. Tuesday BHI employees were working to move an electrical transformer to make room for the new construction.

WORLAND - The security construction fence went up last week and the gates were shut Monday afternoon signaling the official start of the construction project at Washakie Medical Center that will result in a new patient wing and operating room.

WMC Facilities Operation Manager Mark Schlattmann said with the gates closed it changes access to the south side of the hospital campus.

"The site work will start next week with digging the foundations for the additions that will be added to the current facility on the south and east sides," Schlattmann said.

He said with the construction, the driveway off of 15th Street will be eliminated. The new ambulance driveway will come off of Howell, he said, basically adjacent to the former Red Cross building.

During construction, parking is available along 15th Street and people are encouraged to use the main east entrance into the facility. He said they are holding open a few handicapped and public parking spot along the west side, with employees parking in other areas.

"Both entrances are still open, the ER and the main east entrance," Schlattmann said, adding that the ambulances are "being delivered" through the west end, which has been coordinated with ambulance service director Mike Bryant.

"Basically we want people to know we are open for business. Parking is available and we encourage them to use the main east entrance," Schlattmann said.

The main contractor is Layton Construction out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Robert Van Noy of Layton said Tuesday that BHI is handling some preliminary electrical work, including moving a transformer. He said today they likely will begin some excavation and will begin digging footings soon.

Washakie Medical Center broke ground on the $23.4 million construction project June 16.

The construction, which will be in phases includes:

-A new patient wing with 12 patient rooms and 16 beds, plus two labor and delivery rooms dedicated to obstetrics. Rooms will be larger with some accommodating double occupancy based on demand to provide a total of 18 licensed beds.

-A new surgical suite with two large, state-of-the-art operating rooms and one endoscopy suite.

-New pre-operative and post-operative recovery areas.

-Renovations to accommodate a new Emergency department.

-Expanded, new laboratory and pharmacy.

-New respiratory therapy, chemotherapy and endoscopy areas.

-Renovated front entry with impacts to the admitting, business office, waiting room and gift shop.

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