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By Karla Pomeroy

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Life is short and so am I


March 26, 2016

Life is short and so am I. I stole that from my brother. Yes, neither of us are on the tall side. But he said it in our conversation the other day when he was describing how he lightens the mood at meetings when things get too tense.

Life is too short to take it too serious. I was talking to someone else earlier this week and they had been watching the news nearly 24/7. The news about the ugly campaigning for the Republicans and Democrats, the news about the terror attacks in Belgium. And basically the TV news. Turn on the TV news and it can drag you down really quick.

I told them I guess I like to live like an ostrich with my head in the sand, but that’s not really it. I’m in the news business after all. I turn on the news in the morning, catch the top stories and then I flip to something else. Something else fun, or at least fun for me.

And I encourage you, after reading this to find the positives throughout the paper, like the comics, the story about our gymnastics team, about the Welcome Home Veterans ceremony, about mounted shooting sport, classifieds, church services and much more. There’s plenty of positives to find.

Thursday morning, since I woke up at the crack of dawn for no particular reason, I caught up on the last two episodes of Criminal Minds. Now, I know what you’re thinking. That’s not fun. But for me it is. I’m a crime drama junkie. The best thing about crime dramas is they end in 60 minutes (sooner if you DVR and fast forward through commercials). There’s usually a happy ending, the bad guy is caught, the good guy wins, life goes on.

When my husband and I watch an intense crime drama at night, we end the evening before heading to bed with a sitcom, usually old reruns of Cheers or Mike and Molly.

Life is too short.

Life is too short to sweat the small stuff. I had a pastor once tell me, not in his exact words, but in essence, if it doesn’t matter in eternity, then it really doesn’t matter. Another pastor reminded me that as a believer in Christ, no matter how bad this world gets, or how stressed or frustrated I may be on any given day, this is the worst it will be for me. Heaven awaits after this life for His believers.

This life is too short to live in fear. This life is too short to become so obsessed with the negative that you forget to enjoy the positive.

I’ve come to the opinion, however, some people thrive on negativity. Rather than look for the good in things, the silver lining, they look for the bad and the ugliness in the world.

Life is too short.

Look for the beauty in the world around you and the people around you.

One of my favorite channels on Sirius XM is Laugh USA. One of the comedians is Jeanne Robertson because she tells funny stories from her life. She said you can find humor if you just look for it.

You can find the positive or the negative in nearly any situation. Perhaps if we all start looking for the positive, seek out that which brings laughter to our voices, smiles to our faces and joy in our hearts then the world will not only look better, but it will become better.

Life is too short to jump on the negativity band wagon. That wagon is getting pretty crowded as it is. Jump on the positive band wagon where there’s always some room.

This Easter and every day after, take time to look for the positive.

And remember, life is short and so am I.


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