By Tracie Mitchell
Staff Writer 

State Farm welcomes new agent Ken Westphal


April 2, 2016

WORLAND – State Farm has added Ken Westphal to its family of Good Neighbor Agents for the Worland, Thermopolis, Ten Sleep and surrounding areas following the retirement of Chuck Glade.

“Chuck and the staff have made the transition great. He has helped hand off the torch to me and has been outstanding in helping me get transitioned into this opportunity,” Westphal said. “Chuck has been a great resource for me,” he added.

Westphal has been in the insurance industry for over 20 years. “I started working in insurance back in 1996 working with Medicare for Humana Health Insurance. I worked with them for 15 years starting at the entry level sales position and finishing as a director of national accounts. From there I moved to holding a couple different roles in an agency in south Florida that was in partnership with Humana. They were funded by Humana but it was a separate agency. I ran the agency there for about two years. I then became the vice president of business support for QBC in Wisconsin. The vice president of business support handles billing, processing, operations and some underwriting,” Westphal said. “I did that until just about a year ago when I took contract position as a consultant for a company in Las Vegas,” he added.

Just before his vacation in 2015, Westphal had decided that he wanted to open a State Farm office in either Wisconsin or Nevada but opportunity knocked in a different state, Wyoming. “I called to let the gal at State Farm know that I was going out of town for a couple weeks and she asked me, ‘where are you going?’ I said, ‘Dubois, Wyoming’ and she said, ‘did you see the opportunity in Worland.’ She told me that I should take a look and so I actually took a look, looked into Worland and did a lot of research, I’m a research guy, and I thought that it sounded great so I called them back and they said, ‘don’t commit to anything now, but when you come on vacation, take a day and drive over and meet with Chuck and get to know him and the town a little bit and see if it’s something that you would be interested in.’ So I did and I was smitten with it right away. I loved the house that we looked at while we were here, which is the house that we ended up getting, liked Chuck a lot, liked the agency, liked the feel of the town. So I went back to the Dubois area, where we were staying and called State Farm and let them know that I was interested. They asked me to extend my vacation by a few days and come back to Worland and meet with the sales leader and do a call with the vice president of the area. They offered me the position before I went home. I actually had a completely different job before I went back home from vacation,” Westphal said.

Westphal had been looking into opening a State Farm office in a small town to get back to the rural way of life. “I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin, population 800 and what drove me to leave the corporate world was just wanting to get back to a small town, small town living,” Westphal said.

Becoming a state Farm agent takes quite a bit of time. “I officially started working for State Farm in August 2015. It’s a long process. I had to get licensed in property and casualty, life and health, mortgage and series 6 and series 63 which is for variable products as well as mutual funds and things like that. All of the licensing was done by October 2015 but then from there I had training to learn all the products and the systems, which I did primarily in Cody under the agent and her team there. I was also helping and learning here (Worland) as well,” Westphal explained.

Westphal is the State Farm agent for Worland, Ten Sleep, Thermopolis and the surrounding areas. “The office in Thermopolis closed in October or November, (2015) so I don’t actually have an office there, but I will be spending one day a week in Thermopolis meeting with the people. I will be there every Thursday at a local hotel and set up meetings with people there, so we can meet face to face. That’s something that the people deserve to have,” Westphal stated.

Westphal, his wife and two of their four children moved to Worland in December 2015. “We moved here in December have found the town and community to be very welcoming.”


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