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By Karla Pomeroy

Karla's Kolumn

Birthdays are worth celebrating


April 23, 2016

One of our co-workers here at the Daily News had a birthday this week. He was very excited about it. Something you don’t see a lot with people who are let’s say over 40. There’s the old joke about “I’m 29 again.”

I myself have been 29 for “a few” years we’ll say. After my best friend and I turned 29 we thought we’d join the crowd and not count anymore so instead we started counting holidays. Her birthday is one day before Halloween and mine is near Flag Day.

However, after several “holiday” celebrations we’ve come to realize the importance of birthdays.

In the words of one of the cards I got my co-worker, “There are people who don’t celebrate those birthdays … those people are dead.”

That’s basically what I have told people who say “I don’t want to have a birthday anymore.” The thing about your birthday is it is the anniversary of your birth, a special day that brought you into the world and brought you into the lives of the people who love and care about you. It’s worth celebrating, however you do it.

I’ve had some great birthday celebrations and some not so great. One year my sister was so kind as to share her chicken pox, the chicken pox that got her out of final testing the last week of school but popped out all over my face right before my birthday. My mother still had my party and still took photos. I confiscated those photos years ago.

I remember when I was real young like 4 or 5 and people were saying happy birthday to me and I didn’t know what to say back so I kept saying happy birthday back, until I asked my mother who said a simple “thank you” would suffice.

I had a special surprise party for that “big one” at 30. My neighbor did a great job. I was surprised and had a wonderful time with everyone. And I had a good laugh when she told me she called my mom to let her know of the party and told her she was having it a week early to really surprise me. Although she actually planned it on my actual birthday, having gotten the day wrong. She proceeded to argue with my mother when mom told her she had the date wrong. My mother was there at the time of my birth, she would know best.

I believe that was the last “party” per se but every year I celebrate my birthday, er Flag Day, in some way, occasionally a movie with a friend or pizza with family.

So your next birthday, celebrate like it’s special, because it is.


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