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By Alex Kuhn
Sports Editor 

New golf pro adds to excitement at Green Hills Golf Course


April 30, 2016

Mike Propp

WORLAND-New golf professional, Mike Propp, sees great potential in Green Hills Golf Course and is excited for the future of the course.

He's no stranger to golf, he's been involved with the game for most his life. Whether it was finding ways to get in a round during his baseball playing days at the University of Wyoming or as the head golf professional at the Casper Country Club, his experience and passion for the game and industry show.

Having worked at golf clubs in Arizona, Nevada and Wyoming, Propp is not unfamiliar with the Worland area. While in Casper he was attending Highland Park Community Church, who has an affiliation with Grace Chapel Community Church here in Worland. Grace was looking for some help for three months and Propp volunteered and the three months turned into two years. During those two years Propp was able to lend his free time to the golf course and help out with golfing lessons.

Working at Grace and the golf course allowed him to better know the community and its people. Because of his time spent in Worland Propp could not be happier to be back in the area, "I'm excited to be back and working in the Worland community again," said Propp.

Teaching the game of golf is Propp's biggest passions. "My last couple of jobs in the industry have involved ownership and other management level positions. They were great for the experience but they didn't leave a lot of time for what I like to do the most, which is teaching," stated Propp.

One of the goals for Propp is to elevate Worland's junior program to one of the best in the state. He'd also like to grow the instructional program, "We want to have one of the top junior programs in Wyoming. We also look to grow our instructional program, we have weekly classes for individuals or group classes for a group of friends," added Propp.

As for plans for the future Propp would like to create more space for lessons like a private tee spot and an indoor range for when the weather goes south.

For tournaments Propp said, "Our schedule looks similar to past seasons, we are looking to add a Pro-Am tournament, but that is still in the works."

The big tournament coming up for Green Hills will be the Cowboy Joe on May 7. Coaches from the University of Wyoming will travel to Worland for the tournament on Saturday and before the tournament on Friday, May 6 there will be a meet and greet for the coaches.

Another of Propp's goals is to help each and every customer. "At most public courses it's pay your money and off you go. We want to provide the best possible experience for everyone. It doesn't matter if you're a longtime member or if it's your first day out at the course, we are determined to be a top notch organization with how we maintain our course, run our tournaments and operate our instruction programs. We want to treat this course like a private course. By that I don't mean we're going to be turning people away. What we want to provide is that private club service to a public course," Propp explained.

The level of dedication to the course and its customers is always going to be a positive. Propp's enthusiasm and focus adds to the very promising direction the Green Hills Golf Course is headed, as he said it best, "The course layout is great, golf is a great game, one that's easy to pick up and we want to give people a reason to come out here."


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