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By Tracie Mitchell
Staff Writer 

Daily News added as official newspaper


September 14, 2016

TEN SLEEP – The Ten Sleep School Board voted unanimously Monday to add the Northern Wyoming Daily News as their second newspaper of record in answer to a Wyoming governmental claim filed by the Daily News. The claim filed with the school district in late August was in regard to the legality of changing their newspaper of record to the Ten Sleep Tribute.

An official newspaper designation signifies to the public that legal advertisements will be published in that newspaper.

“A couple months ago you approved the Ten Sleep Tribute as your newspaper of record, there’s been some discussion and an issue about it with the Northern Wyoming Daily News. As a result I recommend that we add the Northern Wyoming Daily News as a second newspaper of record along with the Ten Sleep Tribute for all notices required by statute,” Ten Sleep Superintendent Jimmy Phelps said.

In the claim the Northern Wyoming Daily News stated, “Claimant does not seek damages, but a court order to direct Washakie County School District No. 2 to publish its legal notices in a newspaper meeting the statutory requirements for a newspaper publishing legal notices, and to republish any legal notice printed illegally in a publication not meeting the statutory requirements.”

Before the claim was filed, Northern Wyoming Daily News attorney Bruce T. Moats sent a letter dated July 28 to Phelps and the school board stating that the Ten Sleep Tribute did not meet the qualifications of Wyoming Statute 18-3-519.

Wyoming Statute 18-3-519 reads, “The publication of any legal notice, printing or advertising required by law is without force or effect unless published in a newspaper which has been regularly issued at least once each week for a period of 52 consecutive weeks prior to the date of the first publication of the notice or advertisement, has a paid circulation of at least 500 and each page is not less the 10 inches by 12.5 inches in size.”

The school board’s decision to add the Northern Wyoming Daily News as their second newspaper of record fulfills the Wyoming statute. “That’s alright they can always do more than they are supposed to as long as they do it right in one place,” Moats said Tuesday.


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