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Two homes deemed inaccessible by Red Cross


February 17, 2017

WORLAND — The American Red Cross finished up damage assessments of 36 homes in Worland on Wednesday, according to a release from the Incident Command Post.

One home sustained major damage, six homes had minor damage, 27 homes were affected and two were inaccessible. Addresses of the specific homes are not made public by Red Cross.

According to the American Red Cross, major damage is defined as at least 18 inches of water in a stick home and anytime water gets into the insulation of a mobile home.

Minor damage is defined as less than 18 inches of water in the home, and “affected” means there might have been water on the outside of the home, but overall there was very minimal damage.

The Red Cross still has cleanup kits available for affected residents, call 307-689-0886 if you would like a kit.

According to the release, the Red Cross will be finishing up work in Worland within the next day or two and will be moving north to assist Big Horn County as needed.

New Hope Humane Society Director Edie Cliame said they are housing one dog and three cats for evacuees from the last weekend’s flood.

On Thursday, cleanup continued as sand and sandbags were removed from around the storm drains in an effort to prevent flooding caused by snow melt.

Forty pallets of sandbags will be prepositioned in Ten Sleep in preparation for snow melt and increased runoff. Plenty of pallets will remain at the Washakie County Fairgrounds in Worland and the public is encouraged to come and get them as needed.

Volunteers needing to reclaim their shovels after the sandbagging efforts may contact Troy Nelsen with the Worland Fire Department at 307-431-0674.

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