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By Tracie Mitchell
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Ten Sleep School Board approves bids


August 16, 2017

TEN SLEEP – During the August Ten Sleep School Board meeting Monday evening the board heard the bids to remodel the weight room in the basement of the Masonic Lodge and the bids to demolish the two houses on the properties purchased with the intent of creating additional parking for the school.

Three companies bid on the remodeling of the weight room in the basement of the Masonic Lodge. Before accepting those bids the school worked with the fire marshal to make sure that all regulations would be covered. “We have had a change in fire marshals since we first began working on this so we invited the new fire marshal to come, we took him downstairs in the basement weight room, we showed him what the other fire marshal had approved and put in an email. Explained to him what we were planning to do, going to do and told him that we don’t want to get this done and then you come in and say, ‘no,’” Phelps explained to the board. “He verbally agreed to what we were doing, he’d give us occupancy and then he said that he wanted to go back and check his regulations. He sent Boyd (Whitlock, Ten Sleep School technology director) an email, I think on Friday, given written agreement that if we will do what is in our base bid, that he would approve occupancy, once that’s done,” he added.

The lowest bid received was from Sterling Services at $33,700 but Phelps explained to the board, the company had so much work that they wouldn’t be able to start the project until May 2018 with completion in July and that the school would need to continue to work with the recreation district and use their gym for the 2017-2018 school year. Phelps also explained that if the company frees some time up before May, that they would start as soon as they could. “I think he was being conservative and wanted to make sure he didn’t promise anything he couldn’t keep,” Phelps said.

Board member Jared Lyman asked if there would be any issues with continuing to use the existing rental of the Recreation District’s gym.

Phelps stated, “No, I’ve had multiple conversations with Sarah Anderson who takes care of that and she’s fine with us using it.”

The board approved Sterling Services bid for the remodeling of the weight room in the basement of the Masonic Lodge.

Three companies also bid on the demolition of the two houses on the properties purchased to create more parking for the school. Phelps stated that the bid entailed the demolition of the houses, the disposal of the debris, basement, concrete and taking down of the tree. “Basically remove everything on those two lots. The low bid was Nowood Construction at $20,500. Clay [Cheeney, owner] said that he could complete that in the second and third week of September,” Phelps said.

The board approved Nowood Construction’s bid for the demolition of the two houses.

In other business the board approved the hiring of Dane Weaver for the extra duty position of school improvement coordinator for the 2017-2018 school year at a stipend of $5,600.


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