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By Marcus Huff
Staff Writer 

Area cattle producer crowned 'Steer a Year' Champion


August 30, 2017

TEN SLEEP – Every year since 2002, some Wyoming cattle producers have donated calves from their herds to the University of Wyoming’s “Steer-a-Year” program, designed to provide scholarships to UW students from the proceeds of the sale of the cattle.

This year, a Ten Sleep donor ranch was named champion when the beef was evaluated after time at a state feedlot.

Hampton Ranch was selected as champion after data showed the donated beef exhibited the fastest rate of weight gain, and quality of meat.

Rice Ranch, also of Ten Sleep, donated a calf which was graded “prime”.

“These are really the top of the top, as far as graded beef,” said Worland veterinarian Steve Tharp, a supporter of the program.

Donors give a steer to the Cowboy Joe Club, who then take it to a feedlot, then eventually finished and processed. Donors get special benefits, such as apparel, Cowboy Joe Club membership, pre-game hospitalities and their names on a special recognition sign at War Memorial Stadium and the Arena-Auditorium. The money made from the steer goes exclusively to UW athletes who graduated from a Wyoming high school, the UW Rodeo Team or the UW Livestock Judging Teams. 

“The [Steer-a-Year] becomes kind of a contest among cattle producers every year,” said Tharp, “giving them a chance to take pride in their product.

Along with the perks in the Cowboy Joe Club, the champion donor is recognized at the annual UW Homecoming football game, and presented with a special jacket.

“This year is proof we have quality beef right here in our area,” said Tharp. “There is no need to go far to find prize show stock.”


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