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By Karla Pomeroy

BAPC looks to beautify downtown


October 6, 2017

WORLAND — The Worland Board of Adjustment and Planning Commission (BAPC) is working on accomplishing goals set forth in the Master Plan, specifically updating a list of organizations in the community and working on ideas of beautifying the downtown area.

The bulk of discussion Thursday centered around the BAPC efforts to beautify the downtown. An idea they have been discussing is painting dumpsters along Big Horn Avenue and in the downtown area to promote the area. They have also discussed having manholes in the downtown area painted as a way to brighten up the downtown.

BAPC member Dan Fredricks said he recently visited Boise, Idaho, and they used vinyl shrink-wrap around utility boxes. The wrap depicted area scenery. He suggested the commission look into the possibility for the boxes and possibly dumpsters.

Mike Dykman said that could be cost prohibitive for the BAPC.

Dykman said the first dumpsters to be painted if the project goes forward would be the ones at the Worland RV Park and Campground. He said he would like to reach out to the Worland High School art class about doing the painting. He spoke with Worland Public Works Superintendent Brian Burky who suggested rather than trying to get the used dumpsters cleaned up enough to avoid any odors inside, the city could provide new or newer dumpsters for the school to paint.

When the council first heard about the beautification project in a meeting last month, council member Mandy Horath expressed concern and wanted more details about what would be painted.

Council member Dennis Koch, the liaison to the BAPC, told the BAPC Thursday that the council would like the final say about the project but did not see any problems moving forward.

Chairman Scott Fritzler said, “It’s fine for the council to be involved but I hope they don’t think we need a ton of oversight. We’re trying to move forward with what we’ve been tasked to do. The council adopted the matrix and goals and that includes beautifying the downtown.”

Fritzler said he also spoke with Worland Fire Chief Chris Kocher about the possibility of painting some of the fire hydrants. Fritzler said Kocher would need to approve any designs and noted the tops of the hydrants could not be painted as the different colors mark the pressure of that specific hydrant.

Fritzler also brought forth another beautification idea. He said since the Worland Garden Club is taking on the task of beautifying city hall with landscaping, he thought maybe they would judge a monthly contest between the downtown businesses in the spring and summer on who has the best flower planters.

He noted some businesses have done a great job with decorating the planters with flowers and other vegetation.

Koch said some business owners who have not been as receptive to the idea of taking responsibility for the planters, might be more motivated with a contest.

Ideas included allowing the businesses to have small signs in the planters noting their business name to let visitors know who is maintaining the planter.

Other ideas discussed include adding “Welcome to” to the Worland signs at the entrance to the city, and putting out Worland High School orange and black flags for homecoming week.


During Thursday afternoon’s meeting at city hall, the BAPC members also reported on their progress to update the list of organizations functioning in the community, including updating contact information with a contact person, phone number and mailing address.

Fritzler said with the information the BAPC will then be able to reach out to the various organizations for assistance on any upcoming projects they have as they work on goals set forth in the 2015 Grow Worland Community Comprehensive Master Plan.

Members reported making progress, but also getting stalled in contacting some organizations to get updated information.


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