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Worland man receives deferred prosecution for criminal stalking


March 22, 2018

WORLAND – Wyoming Fifth Judicial District Court Judge Robert E. Skar sentenced a Worland man to five years supervised probation on Wednesday, ending a nearly year-long ordeal related to a stalking case first filed in March 2017.

Joshua Vidlock, 35, was accused of violating a domestic violence protection order by engaging in a course of harassing conduct including text messages, filing false reports, and entering the residence of the petitioner on two separate occasions, his ex-wife Charlene Sherman.

During the original jury trial in October, it was noted that the protection order was filed in February and charges in this case were filed on March 15, 2017, less than a month after the original order was granted.

Deputy County Attorney Anthony Barton had completed questioning Sherman when court was adjourned in October. After negotiation and the state conferring with the victim, the defendant changed his plea to guilty and the jury was sent home.

The court will hold his guilty plea until the completion of his probation, at which time, it will be dismissed. If Vidlock breaks his probation, his guilty plea may be entered and the case would move to sentencing.

Along with the probation, Vidlock also agreed to pay $2,208 associated with the trial including juror fees. Also, he is to have no contact with Sherman without his attorney.

Barton said he was pleased with the outcome.

“Our main focus was to protect the victim in this case. Mr. Vidlock ultimately admitted to his behavior. With supervised probation and the incentive of a deferral, a safety net is in place. If he violates, he will go to prison. If he is successful, he will be a part of his children’s lives. Mr. Vidlock has a lot riding on this deal. The state and the victim are hoping for success,” Barton said in the release.

Vidlock laid a factual basis by admitting to the harassing text messages and entering the victim’s home twice while under a court order not to do so.

Vidlock pleaded guilty in circuit court in February to a variety of charges, including four charges of child endangerment, reckless endangerment, filing a false report, and driving under the influence, according to the county attorney’s office.

On Wednesday, the court heard a tearful statement from Sherman, detailing the couple’s divorce, and Vidlock’s alleged troubles with alcohol.

In response to the court, Vidlock admitted that he had abused alcohol, and noted that after his initial incarceration, was seeking help and hasn’t had a drink for a year.

“I’m trying to reinvent myself, without alcohol,” stated Vidlock.

Before sentencing, Judge Skar referenced the death of his own daughter at the age of 40, from alcohol-related organ failure.

Part of Vidlock’s probation includes mandatory substance abuse counseling, and probation revocation for alcohol or controlled substance use or possession.


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