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By Alex Kuhn
Sports Editor 

Worland Track glad to be competing again


April 14, 2018


Lady Warrior McKenna Mickelson takes a big leap forward in the long jump during the D&D Invitational Thursday afternoon at Worland High School.

WORLAND - It only took two weeks but the Wyoming weather held long enough for Worland High School track and field team to host their annual D&D Invitational Thursday night at Worland High School.

"We were glad to have the meet this week because the weather at the start of the week wasn't looking too good. I teased Mr. Mortimer our AD about not canceling anything and we were going to run it no matter what. And it ended up being a really nice meet.

"There were only five teams but it does take a lot to put on track meet and I want to give a shout-out to those who volunteered their time to help out. I really appreciate those volunteers and like I said coaches were complimenting us on the meet and it's all because those people helped us out," said WHS track and field coach Tracey Wiley.

As for the results, the Warriors and Lady Warriors performed well, senior thrower Maclin Wiley won the discus with a toss of 140-2 and automatically qualified for the 3A State meet in Casper on May 17-19.

Jaden Mickelson won the 300-meter hurdles and long jump, Porter Harman won the 3,200-meter and 1,600-meter, Luke Mortimer won the 110-meter hurdles and McKenna Mickelson won the triple jump.

"We have a few close to AQing, Luke [Mortimer] is right there in the 110 and 300 hurdles. Jaden Mickelson is close in the 300 hurdles and in the long jump he jumped 23-3 and 23-7 is AQing. On the girl's end Talon Andersen is close to AQing in the 100-meter. McKenna Mickelson jumped 32-8.5 and 33-2 is the AQ number,

"The kids are so close and if we can continue to have meets, and that's a big thing, we'll get them. We can practice all we want but until we get out and really compete and get away the jitters and be mentally tough, the better we'll be," said Wiley.

Another event Mortimer is close to automatically qualifying in is the high jump, the height is there now it is just about perfecting the technique.

"Luke he's right there at clearing six foot, it's just about cleaning up a few techniques. There's a lot of math involved, if you're at your same approach and the bar is going higher you do need to move back half a shoe. He's there and the main part of his back is clearing," said Wiley.

There were plenty of standouts from Thursday's meet, Dalton Jeffries and Charles Rishel have been putting in the hard work in practice is during Thursday's meet that hard work showed. Then you had the Jaden and McKenna Mickelson winning a few events.

"You have kids like Charles Rishel and Dalton Jeffries who are just horses. This was Dalton's first meet with all the other activities he's been in. Both of those kids are fun to watch in practice with how they run repeats and it shows out on the track field. Charles is a quiet kid and he works so darn hard. He's a great kid and has his heights set high," said Wiley.

Added Wiley about the Mickelson siblings: "Both those Mickelson kids, anything you ask of them to do they'll do it. You couldn't ask for better kids. Jaden likes the 300-meter hurdles, 200-meter and the long and triple jumps. But for [today], because of prom, he's going to jump in 110-meter hurdles and 100-meter. You can't ask for more coachable kids and I have a team full of coachable kids and I'm so proud of them for doing what we ask."

Today Worland heads to Riverton for the Wolverine Invitational, but unlike Thursday only half the team will travel due to prom. Then the following Thursday they travel to Thermopolis for the Bobcat Invite.

Full results from the D&D Invitational are as follows.



3, Talon Andersen, 13.9.


4, Kylah Mills, 29.62.


4, Lily Lungren, 2:57.95.

5, Tatum Zimmerman, 2:58.56.


5, Tatum Zimmerman, 6:44.25.

100-meter Hurdles

6, Macy Trombley, 19.21.

300-meter Hurdles

7, Isabella Kunz, 58.68.

4x100-meter Relay

3, Worland (Kylah Mills, Julie Seidel, McKenna Mickelson, Talon Andersen), 55.45.

4x1600-meter Sprint Medley Relay

3, Worland (Denali Jones, Dani Warner, Kylah Mills, Lily Lungren), 5:12.11.

High Jump

3, Darla Hernandez, 4-5.

5, Denali Jones, 4-3.

Long Jump

4, McKenna Mickelson, 14-9.

Triple Jump

1, McKenna Mickelson, 32-8.

6, Julie Seidel, 29-4.5.


3, Alexa Caballero, 103-1.

6, Chassidi Garay, 89-7

7, Saige Jones, 87-5.

8, Ajiah Montoya, 85-3.

Shot Put

2, Alexa Caballero, 33-5.25.

3, Saige Jones, 33-2.75.

7, Chassidi Garay, 30-7.25.



6, Chris Nicholas, 11.91.


5, Jaden Mickelson, 24.76.

6, Chris Nicholas, 24.85.


3, Dalton Jeffries, 56.86.

5, Jacob Newell, 58.71.

7, Gabe Webster, 1:00.62.


3, Charles Rishel, 2:15.07.

8, Braydon Bond, 2:26.03.


1, Porter Harman, 4:52.20.

4, Tyler Hasbany, 5:29.28.

6, Braydon Bond, 5:38.14.

7, Caleb Fraser, 5:40.09.


1, Porter Harman, 10:39.46.

110-meter Hurdles

1, Luke Mortimer, 16.65.

3, Donavin Koch, 18.55.

300-meter Hurdles

1, Jaden Mickelson, 44.30.

2, Luke Mortimer, 44.59.

4, Donavin Koch, 47.33.

4X100-meter Relay

3, Worland (Tommy Eckert, Joseph Keller, Luke Mortimer, Chris Nicholas), 47.60.

4X400-meter Relay

3, Worland (Charles Rishel, Joseph Keller, Gabe Webster, Jacob Newell), 3:52.73

4X1600-meter Sprint Medley Relay

2, Worland (Marcus Wiley, Victor Olvera, Gabe Webster, Porter Harman), 3:54.89.

4x800-meter Relay

1, Worland (Braydon Bond, Caleb Fraser, Porter Harman, Charles Rishel), 9:05.60.

High Jump

2, Luke Mortimer, 5-10.

5, Andy Deniz, 5-4.

5, Cole Harman, 5-4.

Long Jump

1, Jaden Mickelson, 20-3.

2, Pete Douzenis, 19-8.

6, Domanic Hartley, 18-1.5.

8, Tommy Eckert, 17-0.5.

Triple Jump

3, Jaden Mickelson, 38-9.

4, Donavin Koch, 37-8.5.

5, Jacob Newell, 34-6.5.

8, Ismael Rodriguez, 31-1.5.

Pole Vault

4, Josh Garza, 12-6.


1, Maclin Wiley, 140-2.

8, Morgan Tigner, 112-9.

Shot Put

3, Hayden Lambeth, 41-9.5.

5, Maclin Wiley, 40-4.5.


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