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Anti-vaxxers commandeer committee meeting to protest mandates

A group of activists that included healthcare workers commandeered a meeting of the Wyoming Legislature's Joint Committee on Labor, Health and Social Services Thursday to demand legislative action... Full story

 By Nick Reynolds    News    August 26, 2021

Officials face growing pressure to audit Wyo elections

Wyoming officials are facing mounting pressure to audit the 2020 election from pro-Trump activists asserting, without evidence, that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from the former president through wide-spread voter fraud. Activists... Full story

 By Nick Reynolds    News    August 5, 2021

Election audit bill fails

Wyoming lawmakers rejected a proposal Wednesday by State Rep. Chuck Gray (R-Casper) to give the Wyoming Legislature the power to audit elections. Gray, who is running for Congress against incumbent U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney in next year’s Republican... Full story

 By Nick Reynolds    News    June 24, 2021

Who is the Florida man trying to defeat Liz Cheney?

A Florida resident who has become an odd player in the campaign to replace Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney says controversial statements he made in the past, like those related to the QAnon conspiracy theory, were part of an effort to discredit a liberal... Full story

 By Nick Reynolds    News    June 3, 2021

Grassroots and global players: The crowded campaign to oust Cheney

In a Cheyenne strip-mall banquet hall, Scott Presler — a nationally recognized conservative activist and Donald Trump loyalist best known for organizing post-protest community cleanups in liberal cities — whipped up the crowd. It was April 24,... Full story

 By Nick Reynolds    News    April 15, 2021

Cheney rails against plans to withdraw troops from Afghanistan

Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney on Tuesday criticized plans by the Biden administration to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan before this year’s 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks. The planned troop withdrawals would mark the... Full story

 By Nick Reynolds    News    February 4, 2021

Cheney wins House GOP leadership challenge

CASPER — Rep. Liz Cheney survived an internal challenge to remove her from House leadership on Wednesday night, staving off an attempt by Trump loyalists to punish her for supporting impeachment. The final vote to keep the Wyoming congresswoman in... Full story

 By Nick Reynolds    News    October 1, 2020

GOP treasurer steps down from post

CASPER — A longtime Wyoming Republican Party official revealed last week he would no longer serve as the group’s parliamentarian and treasurer after months of growing tensions with state party leaders. In a letter to state party chairman Frank... Full story


State may loosen regulations to help small Wyoming distillers

CASPER — Wyoming lawmakers are considering allowing the shipment of Wyoming-made liquor across state lines as a part of a package of bills allowing greater flexibility for the state’s small distillers amid mounting economic challenges brought on... Full story


Kanye West collects signatures for presidential bid

CASPER — Kanye West is officially trying to get on Wyoming’s presidential ballot as an independent candidate this fall, a spokesman with the Wyoming Secretary of State confirmed Tuesday morning. Within a day of the rapper’s filing, county... Full story

 By Nick Reynolds    News    July 2, 2020

Questions surface regarding Occidental purchase

CASPER — Gov. Mark Gordon’s office says it could submit its first formal bid for 5 million acres of Occidental Petroleum-owned land in southern Wyoming next week in what would be the first official step in closing one of the largest public land... Full story


Lawmakers OK draft COVID response plan

CASPER — The Wyoming Legislature still doesn’t have a date for a special session planned for later this spring to respond to COVID-19 and its economic fallout. Lawmakers still don’t have a true agreement with Gov. Mark Gordon on how to spend... Full story

 By Nick Reynolds    News    April 16, 2020

Lawmakers to prepare emergency legislation

CASPER — Legislative leaders voted unanimously on Thursday to pursue several pieces of emergency legislation, all but guaranteeing the Wyoming Legislature will meet in its first special session since 2004. In a conference call with Management Counc... Full story


Gordon: 'Everyone in Wyoming should be concerned' by dip in oil prices

CASPER — Futures prices for oil fell into the negatives for the first time in recorded history Monday, further straining a Wyoming economy already reeling from months of price declines, continuing strife in the coal industry and the shutdown of... Full story

 By Nick Reynolds    News    April 9, 2020

State's jobless fund among strongest; study finds it could sustain current claim levels for 321 weeks

CASPER — As record numbers of workers across the United States are forced to apply for unemployment benefits as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, workers in Wyoming can rest somewhat reassured that the state’s unemployment fund is among the nati... Full story


Nonprofits call for a moratorium on evictions

CASPER — As the executive director of homelessness advocacy group Family Promise of Cheyenne, Lori Kempter knew all too well how vulnerable people can be, even in the days before the COVID-19 outbreak. Running the sole homeless shelter for families... Full story

 By Nick Reynolds    News    February 6, 2020

Legislator wants to limit Guard use

CASPER — For decades, hundreds of members of the Wyoming National Guard have been sent to serve in wars overseas, sometimes participating in military actions that have gone unapproved by Congress. Wyoming’s guardsmen have long been tapped by the... Full story


Gordon to testify on water statute

CASPER — Next week, Gov. Mark Gordon will head to Washington, D.C., to testify before Sen. John Barrasso’s Committee on the Environment and Public Works about potential reforms to Section 401 of the Clean Water Act. The governor is the latest in... Full story


Cities want more financial independence

CASPER — As state lawmakers wind down committee work for the 2019 interim session, Wyoming’s cities and towns are beginning to prepare for battles over a number of issues in Cheyenne this winter. The overarching theme: The need for the state to... Full story

 By Nick Reynolds    News    October 31, 2019

Gun reporting bill fails

CASPER — Wyoming lawmakers on Thursday defeated legislation that would have prevented some people with mental illnesses from buying guns. The legislation would have required the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation to submit certain mental... Full story

 By Nick Reynolds    News    October 31, 2019

Legislators review alcohol tax increase

CASPER — State lawmakers are considering a slight tax increase on alcohol sales in Wyoming in an effort to raise nearly $2 million in funding for treatment programs across the state. The proposed tax increase – which would be the state’s first... Full story

 By Nick Reynolds    News    October 24, 2019

Wyoming sets out to document hate

CASPER — On paper, Wyoming appears to be one of the least discriminatory places in the country. As the scourge of white nationalism has grown across the Mountain West — accounting for one-tenth of all hate propaganda produced across the nation... Full story

 By Nick Reynolds    News    October 10, 2019

Gordon plans to tighten ENDOW focus

CASPER — At the start of the summer, Gov. Mark Gordon sat down with top officials within the Wyoming’s economic development think tank, Endow, with orders to pare down the group’s ambitious economic development agenda into something smaller... Full story


Gordon predicts more budget cuts

CASPER — With a month until his administration releases its first budget, Gov. Mark Gordon said all ideas to trim spending are on the table in 2020, explaining that Wyoming appears to be entering “a new period” in its history as the outlook... Full story


Legislators look at redistricting

CASPER — At the close of the 2020 census, Wyoming’s lawmakers — like those in half the states around the nation — will sink their teeth into the arduous task of drawing up the legislative districts that will decide the landscape of the state... Full story


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