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By Phyllis Lewis
Washakie County Extension 

Plenty of ways to recycle in Washakie County


Phyllis Lewis

Several people have asked me to update the list of things that are recycled around here and I am asking you if you know of any more that should be added to the list beside what I've added below.

The Worland Senior Center is now collecting clear plastic bottles, sans the lids, and they are recycling at Pete Smet's along with their beverage cans. They use the money earned to help support their community and center-based efforts.

The bottle lids can be left at our Washakie County Extension Office. They are used by teachers for hands-on math problems (i.e. match 3 blue lids to 3 green lids or put the lids in order from smallest to largest) or for art projects.

The pull tabs are saved for the South Flat 4-Hers who donate them to the Ronald McDonald Home in Billings. The Ronald McDonald Home recycles them for more money per pound that what the 4-Hers can get from recycling them.

The Outlaw 4-H Club also saves the cans. You can call Jenn Rasmussen, with the Chamber, and have her pick up your cans for the 4-Hers. Her sons are in that club.

The Campbell Soup Labels are used by the Parent-Teacher Organization at East Side Elementary. You can leave those at the Extension Office and I will get them to their secretary if you don't want to stop by the school. The same goes for the Box Tops for Education. Those are given to various teachers in the schools and can be left at the Washakie County Extension Office as well.

Community garden

This really isn't recycling, but is definitely an outreach: Caitlin Youngquist, our ag educator, is harvesting produce from the Extension Demonstration Garden located at the Newell Sargent Park. So far she has shared her bounty with the Worland Senior Center and OWL Unlimited. Big Horn Enterprises, NOWCAP and the Food Bank are on her list for later. If you know of any other organization that could use some yellow (crookneck) squash, basil, parsley or lettuce, please call her at 347-3431. She'll have other produce available later and would appreciate knowing about other entities she should put on her list.

Russian olives

Want to know how to safely cut down your Russian olive trees? Caitlin is organizing a Chainsaw Safety and Use workshop to be held in Cody September 12, 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. This full-day, hands-on workshop is especially designed for women but Caitlin says "a few brave men can also attend". Attendees will learn how to safely and effectively use a chainsaw to clear small trees from their property and to cut firewood. The cost of the workshop will be $75 but that includes lunch and snacks plus the use of all the chainsaws. For more information or to get registered, contact Caitlin at the Washakie County Extension Office, 1200 Culbertson, Suite G or call her at 347-3431. She is doing this class in partnership with the Nature Conservancy and participants will be cutting down Russian olive trees along the Shoshone.

It was probably 10 years ago that my oldest son was in a chainsaw accident. The person handling the chainsaw had the blade hit the metal splitting spike, flipping the chainsaw out of his hands and over his head, hitting Jim who was standing behind him. The chainsaw was still running when it hit his legs, just barely missing the arteries in both legs. There was quick thinking on everyone's part and they put pressure on the cuts, the ambulance got there right away, and he got to the hospital in record time. Whenever I see him in his swim trunks, though, it makes me shiver to think how close he was to losing both legs.

Yes, if you are around a chainsaw - even if you are not using it yourself - you might want to consider taking this class. His dad was falling a lodge pole pine when it fell the wrong way and hit him on the head, knocking him unconscious. Jim's dad was use to using a chainsaw and had been a smokejumper for many years. Accidents do happen even to those who are experienced chainsaw users. Just like updating your knowledge about using a pressure canner, perhaps you need to update your knowledge about chainsaw safety.

Lost and found

It would be nice to have the following lost-and-found items claimed before they get recycled:

This year's fair: Tan baseball cap, child-size black fingerless glove for the left hand, purple and pink Barbie sunglasses, blue knit scrunchie, Legends animal grooming brush, three easels in a Zip-Loc bag (one small clear plastic, one small black plastic and one large wooden one, about 18 inches of thin red ribbon), blue Circle J Retreat Camp water bottle, red bag with trees and a bird printed on one side, and a new black and blue printed bag with a zippered inside pocket. I've put all of this year's things inside that bag and things can be claimed at the Washakie County Extension Office.

Previous years: Size 5 1/2W pair of lace up black boots, large blue bath towel, plastic soap container and bar of soap, red and white bristle Legends animal grooming brush, small black zippered purse with embroidered flowers, two potholders, white stretchy headband, belt buckle snap, RICK Wall Drug keychain with three keys, key ring with an Ace, GM key and two padlock size keys (CH751 and Hudson, EL356), small padlock key from Ace, and a set of keys with a Chevrolet key, automatic door opener/closer/emergency, gold colored Eberhard key CH542 and a Brinks 14231 key on the ring, plus four pair of reading glasses and three pair of sunglasses.

State Fair

Thursday, at state fair, there will be a bench dedicated to Sharon Kelly, our very capable Extension secretary and definite go-to person for all State Fair computer-related things. She took a week of her vacation to go to State Fair and the other week was to go to state shoot. What a woman! Jim Gill was instrumental in getting this bench project done. Her sudden death was a shock to many of us and, as we set out things that still have her writing on them, good memories of her abound our thoughts. Thanks, Jim. Sharon was one of a kind!

If you aren't at state fair perhaps I'll see you at the KCBS sanctioned BBQ competition and blue grass this weekend out at the fairgrounds.


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