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By Karla Pomeroy

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The crazy, mad world of politics


March 12, 2016

There’s a movie title from 1963, “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.” The movie didn’t have anything to do with politics or today’s society, but it’s a perfect title for the world we live in.

The title of the movie refers to craziness more than anger but in today’s world the title is applicable in both references.

It’s a crazy world we live in, as I’ve written before, when you discuss the ways in which the two main political parties select their nominees for president. Every state has a different system, not everyone gets to vote, not everyone understands the process. In states with true primaries, people get it. You go in, you cast a vote. Everyone has the opportunity to vote.

In Wyoming, it’s an odd delegate system with some of those delegates selected today at county conventions around the state and more selected at the state convention next month.

Even our own legislators realize the system is horrific and are going to do an interim study looking at a presidential primary for the state. Rep. Nathan Winter (R-Thermopolis) said the idea for a Wyoming presidential primary deserves exploration because Wyoming could have a more powerful voice in national politics. Under the current system, it doesn’t seem Wyoming has any voice. With 29 delegates we could have a voice.

But in speaking of politics let’s talk about the craziness that is the Republican and Democratic candidates. First the Republicans start out with nearly two dozen candidates. Now they are down to four, but really two, with two holding on by a thread. Candidates who attacked and opposed Republican front runner Donald Trump are now endorsing him, including Chris Christie and Ben Carson. Craziness. I believe, however, they are endorsing him, because they don’t like the fact that the Republican establishment is trying to derail Trump’s campaign. They want to let the people’s voice be heard, not the politicians’ voices.

When Donald Trump announced, everyone knew he wouldn’t last. Everyone knew he would drop out. Everyone knew he wouldn’t win. What everyone didn’t know, or didn’t count on is that most of America is fed up. Fed up with career politicians. Fed up with politicians who won’t do anything once they get to Congress. Fed up with politicians playing politics with the lives of American citizens. What they do or don’t do in Congress impacts the lives of those who live in the country.

People are fed up with special interests controlling our leaders. When discussing health care with a political leader over a year ago, we were discussing the high cost of health insurance and problems with insurance companies. He readily admitted that the health insurance industry lines the pockets of many a legislator and Congressman. As do oil and gas, pharmaceutical companies and many others.

And people are fed up with the Republican establishment trying to sway the election and not let the people’s voices be heard.

But along with the craziness has come the other “mad” part, where people are getting angrier. People can’t talk politics rationally anymore. You can’t support a candidate without incurring the wrath of someone opposed to that candidate.

The candidates themselves have become ugly and vile on the campaign trail. It used to be the attacks were only in advertising, but candidates were at least civil to each other during debates. Everyone’s been watching the Republican debates waiting for the big brawl. It’s like watching a NASCAR race waiting for the big crash.

And the latest, is a Trump supporter, hitting a protestor at a rally as the protestor was being led away by law enforcement.

First, why protest. Trump has a right to his opinion, a right to run for office. But more importantly, why a violent attack on a non-violent protestor?

It truly is a mad, mad world.


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