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By Tesia Galvan
Staff Writer 

Residents oppose fencing surveys

New language in building, construction codes require survey for rear and side yards


August 3, 2016

WORLAND – Residents’ concerns over Worland City Code Chapter 7 building code and Worland City Code Chapter 24 surveying for fencing were heard at Worland City Council meeting on Tuesday night.

City Building Inspector Nick Kruger presented the council with a PowerPoint about Chapter 7 and 24 changes now creating financial heartache and trouble for residents.

Several city residents were present and expressed concerns over needing a survey to build fences because of the cost to get land surveyed. Kruger said he got a quote for a survey and it cost $1,020.

Under the new chapter 24 a new fence on “the rear and side yard may be placed on any portion of the side and rear yard … by finding the existing legal corners or a professional survey.”

One resident said because of the law requiring a property to be surveyed if lot lines were not identified, he will not be investing in his property.

Kruger said the new survey requirement was not made for the purpose of a new law, but was made based on complaints from the community, and said the city made changes because the city was involved with allowing this to happen in some way.

Worland Mayor Dave Duffy said he will work with the individuals to work through the situation correctly, but as the discussion went on residents expressed concerns of their disapproval of the law and their disapproval of not being properly warned about it.

Kruger and Worland Mayor Dave Duffy reminded the public that the meetings were advertised and the chapters were approved simultaneously with three reading at council meetings.

One individual, who will soon move to Worland, asked for a modification on the law. Though possible, Kruger said eliminating the section of the chapter and letting landowners settle this with a contract has a few setbacks.

Some of the setbacks he stated were liability, those agreements not being binding and not being applicable to future landowners.

Eventually council member Lisa Fernandez called for a point of order and council member Dennis Koch asked for the issue to be added to the next council meeting’s agenda.

Kruger informed the council the Board of Adjustment and Planning Commission is working on the issue as it was addressed at their July 28 meeting and will address it again at their Aug. 11 meeting.

—Other business included a public hearing for a liquor license. The transfer of the liquor license was for Blue Jays Inc. to Rock Bottom Bar and Grill. Previously the license was held by Blue Jays Inc. and the individuals that bought it will have it under the Rock Bottom Bar and Grill to retain the name.

The motion for the liquor license transfer was approved.

—A motion was approved for an outdoor, on site party at Goose’s Liquor. Kara Anderson from Goose’s Liquor said there would be another parking lot party this Friday, Aug. 5 from 9 p.m. to midnight.

Anderson said she tried to contact neighbors letting them know music will be going on 9 p.m. to midnight, but no one answered. She discussed with the chief of police and got approval to use the parking lot from him.

—Gary Shampeny with Go Play Golf, LLC that manages Green Hills Golf Course, gave the first quarterly update for April, May and June.

Shampeny started off and said, “It’s been a fun, learning experience for us,” and said with the whole new staff with the exception of one, “It took us to until April to settle in for staff. We brought in a lot of young people from the community.”

He addressed some obstacles and said, “We knew we had to revive the fee structure. We did increase some fees and made some adjustments and even hit a wall with one fee, and made a change on it based from feedback from individuals.”

He also addressed long-term turf grass maintenance and said they changed it to keep it healthier.

“Turf grass will be an on-going thing to try to improve quality. We have to try constantly to put out better product. This year’s standard will be next year’s minimum,” Shampeny said.


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