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By Alex Kuhn
Sports Editor 

Hear me out...My two cents on Colin Kaepernick


April 1, 2017

There’s been a lot of talk about why Colin Kaepernick remains unsigned. The popular speculation for his current unemployment is because he took a knee during the National Anthem. The topic has been widely debated on talking heads shows from ESPN to FS1. Some are saying it’s not right and others saying that’s what he deserves for disrespecting Old Glory.

As for my personal take on Kaepernick, I’m not torn either way just yet, so for now I’m going to do something extremely radical and far-fetched in this era of social media.

I’m going to wait … and … see.

Yes, I know it’s a very boring take but let me explain.

A moneyball-like approach has consumed the NFL, where every dollar must be spent to its utmost efficiency. The 5-star and 4-star players are scooped up in the early parts of free agency. These players bring the highest impact and, generally, can fit into most systems. After splurging on those players, teams tend to chill out on any new signings until after the NFL Draft.

It’s kind of like a game of Risk, in the early parts of the game you’re attacking territories all over the map, trying to lockup the easy continents like Australia or South America. Once you’ve established respectable strongholds you scale back your offensive for a round or two while you develop a plan for your empire.

After the draft, if a team missed out on a player and/or wants to bolster a position, that’s when they dip back into free agency, which is mostly filled with 3-star players and Kaepernick is a 3-star player at this point in his career. He didn’t have a bad year in San Francisco but he didn’t have a good one either, and that’s why he’s in the position he is in right now.

I’m sure there are a few owners and GM’s who won’t sign him because he took a knee and they’re going to “make a stand.” I imagine Jerry Jones is one of those owners who won’t tolerate that kind of nonsense. Yet, signing Greg Hardy who strangled and beat his girlfriend on a regular basis, not a damn thing wrong with that because when you need a pass rush, you hop off your high horse and send it on its way.

This is why I’m not totally in the Kaepernick is being blackballed camp. These owners and GMs have shown they’re so desperate for wins a majority of them would pull a “Red Wedding” on their closest friends and family just to reach the Super Bowl, let alone win the thing.

I will concede it is a head scratcher that Kaepernick hasn’t been signed while Mike Glennon was signed by the Chicago Bears for $15 million. That’s right, 15 million and that wasn’t 15 million rupees but 15 million US DOLLARS. That is a crazy amount of money to throw at a career backup and really makes you wonder if Kaepernick is being blackballed. But if you really break it down, it makes perfect sense.

The Chicago Bears are slightly better than the Cleveland Browns at picking franchise signal-callers. Honestly, who is the best QB in Bears franchise history?

Take your time and use Google if you must.

Did you just come to the same mind-boggling conclusion as I did? That Jay Cutler was the best QB in the Bears 98-year history.

See, so it makes perfect sense the Bears would drop $15 million on Glennon rather get Kaepernick at $9 to $10 million.

If you need to lay down go ahead, that was a lot to process.

Back to Kaepernick, I believe he’s going to find a home in the NFL. Whether it’s after the draft or during training camp, someone will bring him in because the league is currently experiencing a QB shortage. Around 14 teams have fragile to depressing QB situations and would benefit with Kaepernick on the roster. At worst he’ll be a backup in Jacksonville and at best he’ll be the Minnesota Vikings starter.

If Kaepernick is not on a roster come September then yes, he is being blackballed and there will be some reasonable questions that need to be answered. Until then let’s focus on what’s important now, the NBA playoffs.


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