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Utah teacher on leave for student quiz on sex lives, drugs


September 12, 2017

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A Utah high school teacher has been placed on administrative leave for assigning students a questionnaire that asked about their sex lives, whether they’d used drugs or alcohol or had abortions and scored their answers to rate them as a “nerd,” ‘’indecent” or “hopeless and condemned,” district officials said Monday.

The 30-question survey was given to juniors in recent weeks at Roy High School, about 30 miles (48 kilometers) north of Salt Lake City, as part of an “Adult Roles” course that teaches students about human relationships and financial literacy, according to Weber School District spokesman Lane Findlay.

It included questions such as “Ever been kissed while in a reclining position?”, “Have you ever slipped Angel Dust (anything) into someone’s drink?” and “Even though you are straight would you go kinky to see what it’s like?”

Affirmative answers to the questions were worth various points, which a student could tally and see if their score fell within eight ranges, including “Pure as Ivory soap and maybe a fruitcake,” ‘’indecent” and “headed for serious trouble.”

“I was just in complete shock,” said parent Heather Miller, who said the questionnaire was invasive, judgmental and homophobic.


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