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By Tracie Mitchell
Staff Writer 

State Champs

Drama students receive amazing surprise Monday


December 5, 2017

WORLAND – Worland High School drama club students left the Wyoming State Drama Competition in Casper Saturday evening thinking that they had finished in second place, just one-half a point behind Torrington, who finished in first. Monday morning the drama club students were surprised to learn from their coach Rick Dorn that there was a miscalculation when the scores were being tabulated and in fact they had won first place and are the 2017 state drama champions.

Dorn stated that the president of the Wyoming High School Activities Association had contacted him about 10 p.m. Sunday night and asked if Worland would be willing to share first place with Torrington because of the error. Dorn agreed but the Torrington coach stated that Torrington didn’t want to receive first place that way, they wanted to win fair and square and accepted second place. The two schools will be trading trophies soon.

Instead of just making an announcement, Dorn had all the drama club students called to the Worland High School Little Theater for pictures. Once everyone was in position for the picture, Dorn stated that something was wrong and brought out a substitute first-place trophy which caused confusion among the students. After hearing the news of actually earning first place the seconds ticked by as confusion turned to elation.

According to Dorn, the competition changed formats this year and honorable mention is now equal to an all-state in previous years and all-states are now basically state championships. He stated that only one or two students across the state received the honor of being named all-state in individual events.

Worland High School students placed as follows:

Costume Design:

— Zoe Fernandez – Honorable Mention.

— Izzy McTague – Honorable Mention.

— Jamon Dower – All-State.

— Lili Bush – All-State.

— Morgan Pennington – All-State.

Varsity duel acting:

— Sullie-Ann Keuntjes and Rachael Carver – Honorable Mention.

— Delanie Campbell and Guendylan Byrd – Honorable Mention.

Fantasy make-up:

— Elizabeth McIntosh – Honorable Mention.

— Kasia Strohman – Honorable Mention.

— Matthew Sanchez – All-State.

Group acting:

— Dane Bennett, Raeth Tolman, Addie Carver and Chris Nicholas – Honorable Mention.

— Kendra Garcia, Guendylan Byrd and Nick Bower – Honorable Mention.

— Clare Neylon, Sullie-Ann Keuntjes and Racheal Carver – Honorable Mention.

Lighting design:

— Rachel Carver – Honorable Mention.

Solo Acting:

— Emily Brown – Honorable Mention.

— Addie Carver – Honorable Mention.

Duet music:

— Dane Bennett and Joslyn Alonzo – Honorable Mention.

Group music:

— Joslyn Alonzo, Tatum Zimmerman and Kaitlyn Bostrom – Honorable Mention.

— Gabe Durrant, Addie Carver and Rachel Drake – Honorable Mention.

Solo music:

— Saibrynn Dover – Honorable Mention.

— Delanie Campbell – Honorable Mention.

— Rachel Drake – Honorable Mention.

— Kendra Garcia – Honorable Mention.

Set Design:

— Tristan Nemyo – Honorable Mention.

Realistic make-up:

—Kyle Fronk – Honorable Mention.

— Tatum Zimmerman – Honorable Mention.

— Jenna McIntosh – Honorable Mention.

—Elizabeth McIntosh – Honorable Mention.

Publicity design:

— Zoe Fernandez – All-State.

— Lili Bush – All-State.

— Clare Neylon – Honorable Mention.

— Bella Kunz – Honorable Mention.

Original script one-act play:

— Sullie-Ann Keuntjes – Honorable Mention.

— Emily Brown – Honorable Mention.

— Hailey Richard – Honorable Mention.

Original script monologue:

— Tanner Zimmerman – Honorable Mention.

Short film:

— Izzy McTague – Honorable Mention.

Stage management:

— Paris Caines – Honorable Mention.

The arena play, “Words, Words, Words” finished 4fourth and Andrew Nelson, Delanie Campbell and Dane Bennett received honorable mention and student director Paris Caines received all-state recognition and was told in the critique that her direction was as good as many theatre directors working in schools today.

The proscenium play, “Good People” finished third and Saibrynn Dover and Nathaniel Nelson were named All-State.

Dorn said that he is very proud of his students and thanks them for all their hard work.


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