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Powell schools move to 4.5-day week

Survey shows overwhelming support


March 21, 2018

POWELL (WNE) — With widespread support from educators and parents, the Powell school district is moving to a 4.5-day school week, starting in August.

A recent survey showed 88 percent of community members and staff favored early release Fridays.

To have that much support for an initiative “is almost unheard of,” said Jay Curtis, superintendent of Park County School District No. 1.

“To get that many people to agree on anything is pretty amazing,” he said. “I just think it’s right for Powell.”

The Powell school board unanimously approved adopting a 4.5 day calendar at its meeting last week.

Under the current schedule, students get out early on 12 Wednesdays throughout the school year; staff members use that time for professional development.

With the new schedule, students will start school a little earlier and get out a little later on Mondays through Thursdays.

While students will get out early every Friday, school employees will spend 18 of those Friday afternoons on professional development.

All told, the new schedule allows for six additional half-days of professional development.

The schedule change came after an earlier survey about the calendar showed many parents and teachers wanted to examine a 4.5-day school week.

Attendance data shows a lot of Powell High School students miss Fridays for sports and other activities.

For example, 125 PHS students missed more than an hour on a Friday last September while only 25 students did so that Wednesday. By moving the early-release day to Fridays, every Wednesday can be a full day of instruction, when students are more likely to be at school.

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