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By Karla Pomeroy

Karla's Kolumn: Conspiracy theories and rumors


April 28, 2018

It’s been sort of a strange week here at the Northern Wyoming Daily News, starting early in the week with an entertaining discussion in the newsroom about conspiracy theories and it ended with a discussion about how people still believe and respond to rumors and fake news on Facebook.

First, conspiracy theories. The discussion started when a post card arrived late last week from a gentleman in Johnstown, Pennsylvania about a supposed mind reading or mind controlling implant in 1953 and 1966, when the man would have been 8 years old and 21 years old.

The postcard is a tad confusing as to what exactly the gentlemen wants. He highlights (in all caps and in blue) the phrase “THEY KNOW WHAT I AM THINKING.”

When reading the postcard it appears that he wants his implant to be declassified so he can utilize the technology for many public uses including in court so we can know what defendants are thinking I am guessing, but he also wants to make money, even referencing wanting $1 billion for recognition.

He does not say why he was selected at 8 years old for this implant or why the government might want this “two way communication” with him.

If said implant is true (no I’m not sending him a billion dollars to invest), then just think what kind of technology the government has now if this was 1950s technology.

I was a tad disappointed to not see any reference to alien (extraterrestrial not illegal immigrant) technology.

I mean let’s be real, the government can’t fix health care, can’t balance a budget, can’t figure out Facebook, but we are expected to believe that in the 1950s they had an implant that provided two-way communication without alien technology. Sorry, I’m just not buying it, literally or figuratively.

So now let’s turn our attention to Facebook and the rumor mill.

Fact: Cody Breeden and Jeremy Breeden are wanted for attempted murder in Abilene, Kansas.

Fact: Cody Breeden was arrested in Fremont County.

Fact: Jeremy Breeden was wanted and a search was ongoing in Thermopolis until late Friday afternoon when he was apprehended.

The Thermopolis Police Department earlier this week had posted on their Facebook page that Jeremy Breeden was a fugitive. Scrolling through the comments, which many people did not do, the TPD stated that a man whom had been reported being seen in Worland as Jeremy Breeden was confirmed to NOT be Jeremy Breeden.

Washakie County Sheriff Steve Rakness said there have been no credible sightings in Washakie County.

Rumors abounded on Facebook after one post of a security camera of two men on a porch who resembled the Breeden brothers was taken April 6, about a week after the incident in Kansas.

An arrest of Cody Breeden was made in Fremont County on April 23.

Another Facebook post was about an unfortunate assault of a high schooler from Worland after soccer practice this week. But, even on the post there was no mention of the perpetrator being the “fugitive.” Law enforcement stated the assault was not tied to the fugitive.

Yes, the assault took place, and the men on the porch were real. The rumors about what happened and who the men were are just that at this time ... rumors.

Should we be diligent in locking our doors and being aware of our surroundings? Absolutely. Yes, even though Jeremy Breeden has been apprehended.

Was/is Breeden more dangerous than some people in our area? It’s hard to say. We like to think of our area as a nice, safe, small community, but we have had our share of violent crimes, at least half a dozen just in the three years since I moved to Worland.

My caution is this: Be careful not to believe rumors, innuendo and speculation, but be careful out there because the world can be a dangerous place.


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