By Cyd Lass
Staff Intern 

Downtown Worland receives first taste of style diversity


July 21, 2018

WORLAND – Within the past few years, downtown Worland has witnessed plenty of changes, whether it be with closing stores, opening stores, or even rebuilding and remodeling. One of the more recent changes has been the opening of Main Street Style and Trends, which opened in March of this year.

Sabrina McClain is the owner of the new boutique, and has already added to the diversity of different styles that other shops in Worland has to offer.

Since opening, McClain has represented multiple different styles and clothing choices, her most frequent style being “western-biker-boutique.” Her shop offers a little bit of everything for everyone. She has both male and female clothing, along with plus sizes. Though most clothes can be seen as more of a rebellious style, Main Street Style and Trends also has dresses, business clothes and many others. Alongside clothes, McClain also sells gift items, such as signs and coffee mugs.

McClain has had her fair share in managing businesses, some of her local work including running Family Dollar for five years, and Shopko for one year. She has also managed retail shops in California.

“Opening this store has been something I knew I wanted to do since moving to Worland, but knew I also wanted to get established first. I wanted to give the community another option for clothing, and more styles to choose from,” McClain said. “I wanted to invest in Worland, and I wanted to help see the town succeed.”

“We’re still in a growing phase,” McClain mentioned. “We’re still spreading the word, and posting a lot on Facebook. I really listen to what the customers ask for and provide them with it. One day, I’d like to see us opening a second store, so one can focus on more business clothes, and the other on casual.”

“Business so far has been pretty good. Downtown is usually a hit or miss. But I’m open six days a week. Everyone who has come in has proven to be very receptive. I get a lot of foot traffic, too. Being next to a salon really helps with that. I believe that if we got downtown to be a little fuller, with less empty buildings, there would be plenty more foot traffic.”

Most of the shops clothes can be seen on their Facebook page, which McClain updates with new arrivals and sales.

“A lot of our gift items, like our signs, have snarky and sassy sayings on them, and people really like that. We’ve had discussions on our page over things some of the coffee mugs and signs say.”

Main Street Style and Trends is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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