By Karla Pomeroy

Street sealing project postponed until spring


October 9, 2018

WORLAND — Wyoming’s fall weather has officially delayed the City of Worland’s GSB Friction Street Sealing Project.

City engineer representative Mike Donnell reported Monday that he received word from ASTECH (Asphalt Surface Technologies) that while temperatures warm up enough during the day for the project, the temperatures do not stay above the necessary 40 degrees long enough to complete the project.

During last Tuesday’s Worland city council meeting, Donnell reported that the city had to make changes from the original project using GSB-88, an environmentally-sound, water-based product used to extend the life of asphalt. GSB-88 works well in warm weather. Donnell said for GSB-88 the temperatures have to be in the 50s and rising. They were looking at using GSB-78 in order to get the project completed this fall. GSB-78 is a thicker project that is not water-based so it can be placed when temperatures range in the 40s and higher.

Postponing the project until spring will allow them to go back to GSB-88, which is less expensive than the GSB-78 product Donnell said. He said they will also be able to do another 40,000 square yards of streets.

The areas initially targeted for the sealing project are Sage Creek Addition, Richins Addition from Yellowstone Avenue into the RJ Addition, north, east and west of the Worland Community Center Complex, and South 17th Street between Washakie and Howell Avenue. They are adding Yellowstone Avenue into the Sunrise Heights.


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