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By Karla Pomeroy

Find hidden treasures at new shop in Worland


October 12, 2018

Karla Pomeroy

Leona Marquis stands among the treasures at her new shop on Robertson Avenue in Worland, Marquis' House of Tre'sors.

WORLAND - Marquis' House of Tre'sors opened in Worland Thursday with a variety of treasures.

Owner Leona Marquis said her last name is French so for the name of the business she went with the French version of treasures. She said she has wanted to open up a small curio-type shop for a while and has been looking for property in Billings, Montana, where she and her husband reside, as well as in Worland, where her mother and several siblings live.

She found the perfect location at 808 Robertson in a little two-bedroom home. The living room serves as the shop and she said she is looking at renting out the front bedroom as office space for anyone interested.

"My husband and I have been real estate investors since 2000, we purchase properties to buy and then sell or rent. We have multiple rental properties including one in Worland," Marquis said.

Marquis is originally from Pennsylvania and moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming, with her family in 1968, where she attended school her senior year. The family moved to Worland in 1977. She moved to Montana when she got married in 1990.


Ideally, Marquis said she wants her House of Tre'sors to be filled with handcrafted items from area artisans on sale by consignment. She said she has several prospective clientele but they are working on getting enough items to have for sale.

There are a few handcrafted items available for sale now, including some crocheted items and some woodcrafted items from her brother including a nightlight in the shape of an outhouse and some wooden wagons that attach to the back of bicycles. Her brother also does wooden frames that can be ordered through Marquis.

Other items found throughout the shop on Thursday's grand opening included jewelry, some new, some old, high quality items purchased through auctions and estate sales over the years. There is a China set, a variety of crystal glassware, Depression glassware.

Marquis said in addition to shopping at estate sales she also likes to bid at storage unit auctions to see what type of hidden treasures can be found. "Through the years I've learned to recognize quality," she said.

Marquis' House of Tre'sors is open Monday through Saturday but Marquis said she does not have specific set hours at this time. She will be open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. today and this Saturday for the grand opening.


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