Thanksgiving turkey cooked begindergarten-style


November 21, 2018

WORLAND – The Northern Wyoming Daily News asked Washakie County School District No. 1 begindergarten students a very special Thanksgiving question: “If you were to cook the Thanksgiving turkey this year, what would you put on it to make it the best turkey ever?”

Ayden Eberle: A toy fridge, hair, candy, a door, and a chair.

Brandon Mitchell: Butter, candy, ham, sandwiches, and cheese.

Dane Garcia: Cheese, grapes, teeth, butter, salt, and a TV.

Daniel Stamstad: Ham, hamburgers, pickles, grass, blueberries, bananas, pencils, and strawberries.

Ezra Peck: Chicken nuggets, pie, french fries.

Isabella Hall: Cheese, cherries.

Johnathan Gomez-Martinez: French fries, candy, strawberries, more candy.

Lelund Scott: Ice cream, pickles, chicken nuggets, chicken noodle.

Luis Deniz: Macaroni and cheese, sandwiches, salt and cheese, fishies.

Rhyett Norby: Candy, cookies, cherries.

Timothy Abercrombie: Pickles, cheese.

Trenton Dehmel: Candy, more candy, and more candy, and even more candy! Cheese, ketchup, pencils, and salad.

Wyatt Moore: Chicken noodle, carrots, butter, a coat.

Xander Wilson: Butter.


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