By Tracie Mitchell
Staff Writer 

Addressing homelessness in Wyoming

State counting all homeless residents as of Tuesday evening


January 23, 2019

WORLAND – Every year, usually in the month of January, the State of Wyoming conducts the statewide point in time homelessness count to help anyone homeless get out of their situation and receive federal grant funds to be distributed across the state to organizations providing homelessness services.

The official point in time count is from sundown yesterday evening to sun up this morning. According to a press release from the Wyoming Department of Family Services, “This means being out on the street or at a Homeless camp, living out of a vehicle, staying on a friend’s or family member’s couch due to having no home to go to, or going to a local shelter or service agency seeking assistance due to being homeless.”

While the actual count was last night, anyone who knows of someone who was homeless on Tuesday evening has seven days to report to Department of Family Services Washakie County Point In time lead Brenda Ilg. Ilg can be reached at 307-347-6181, ext. 34 or at the Department of Family Services office at 1700 Robertson Ave., in Worland.

Ilg stated that not only will the homeless be counted but they will be given assistance. “We would attempt to make referrals to any kind of social service programs, counseling services, anything that we feel would be of benefit to them to try and help them get out of their homeless situation and back into a better place.”

Community members are asked to assist in this endeavor. “Not everyone facing a homeless situation comes through my office in Worland. I need your help in identifying those who may be facing homelessness in our county so we can include them in our statewide count and bring resources to Washakie County. If you observe someone who you think may be homeless, or you learn of someone being in a homeless situation, please contact me and share your observations,” Ilg said.


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