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Local agencies resume work after shutdown

WORLAND – After a 35-day shutdown shuttered many government agencies, the reopening of those agencies on Monday, after a continuing resolution was reached in the House and Senate last week, restarting many federal programs in Wyoming.

Sarah Beckwith, spokesperson for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) office in Worland, reported that the agency had experience no major problems during the shutdown, and on Monday, the agency was prioritizing workloads and concentrating on re-establishing services.

“Right now we are dedicated to accomplishing the BLM’s mission,” said Beckwith.

The National Park Service (NPS) advised that facilities were reopened, with the Lovell Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area Visitor Center opening on Saturday, after the resolution was reached in Congress.

“Bighorn Canyon employees are happy to be back to work, serving the American people and welcoming visitors,” stated Christy Fleming, chief of interpretation with the NPS.

The NPS has more than 20,000 employees that operate 418 national parks across the United States.

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