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Newell Sargent baseball fields renovation to be complete in time for season

WORLAND – Last October, the Worland Recreation Committee partnered up with the city to begin renovations for the Worland baseball fields at Newell Sargent Park.

The project began in late October and included replacement of chain link fences that had been in poor condition, along with renovations of Field No. 4.

Previously existing fences on fields 3 and 5 had remained in poor condition and weren’t as safe as they could have been. According to Worland Public Works Superintendent Brian Burky, the previous homeowner-grade fences stood at only four-feet tall and have since been replaced by commercial-grade, six-foot tall fences. The replacements have gotten the fences up to standard and will now provide more protection for spectators.

The gates on the fields were also upgraded, increasing in size. According to Burky, this will make it easier for emergency vehicles or other vehicles to get on the field.

In addition to new fences and gates, the recreation committee made the decision to convert Field 4 into three T-ball fields.

Burky, along with the recreation committee and city, is looking at other possible renovations for Newell Sargent including new sheet metal on dug outs and new paths from the restrooms to Field 4.

The field is expected to be in use by the end of next month. Burky explained that if the weather allows it, the renovations will be completed after a couple more days of work in order to clean up and finish up the fences.


According to Burky, the city is also working with the Kiwanis Club for renovations at Kiwanis Park. The Kiwanis Club recently held a fundraiser to purchase new equipment for the park. They hope to complete this within a couple of months.

Burky is also discussing the possibility of establishing a dog park within the city, after receiving a number of requests.

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