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Diesel Pickup Specialists set to host sixth annual Dyno and Dirt Drags

WORLAND – Diesel Pickup Specialists (DPS) of Worland is set to host its sixth annual Dyno and Dirt Drags on Saturday morning at 8 a.m.

Mykle and Amy Baugh have been owners of the company since 2006, and continue to offer bumper-to-bumper repair in order to make sure that every diesel truck is running properly. This goes along with Mykle going around the region competing in events to showcase his talents for drag racing.

The day will start off by measuring the torque that comes from the rear tires of the truck measured from a Dyno, otherwise known as a dynamometer. This device will help convert the revolutions of the tires into horsepower, to determine which truck has the most horsepower.

According to DPS, there will be a prize pool of more than $4,500 available to the winners from the day, with 16 local sponsors providing support to the event.

The event will run all day until they are done after beginning at 8 a.m., but the drag races will start in the afternoon to go along with more Dyno testing in the afternoon.

The event will be at the track at 1915 South Flat Road about eight miles of Worland.

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