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Karla's Kolumn: Random thoughts through writer's block

Coming up with a 52 topics in a year can be difficult at times.

OK, let's be honest, coming up with the topics is easy, putting them together in a column or editorial in a way that makes sense is not.

This week I have about three or four column ideas running through my head, all of them need a little research before putting all my thoughts down on paper.

So this week, in the midst of fair week our readers get some random thoughts.


I was going to share some of my favorite fair memories but a quick check of the archives showed I did that in 2016.

But, in discussing the different shows with our newest reporter we noted that the swine show is a lot of fun to watch because of the tussles the pigs can get into. I noted that in Big Horn County with the peewee sheep showmanship it was always fun when a wee little lad would be holding on to the lead and the sheep would decide to bolt and the lad desperately trying to hold on, as people worked to surround and catch the wayward sheep.

I think that's one of the reasons I love our county fairs in the Big Horn Basin, it's not just the livestock shows but it's that anything can, and usually does, happen. It's looking behind the scenes for the funny things that happen that make you sit back and smile and say "yes, that's why I live in small town America."

Speaking of fair, I make it a point most years of assigning myself to the Rhubarb Rhevival, because I love rhubarb and love to taste new recipes. Every year I think I may be brave enough to enter and every year I realize I am not. This year will be no different but I have moved on from my rhubarb custard pie, which used to be my favorite. Now rhubarb strawberry crisp is my favorite. And for you chocolate fans, in case you were wondering, yes chocolate does pair well with rhubarb.


I also thought I have not talked about my fur kids in forever, perhaps because they have left the skunks alone this summer or perhaps to just give you all a break from the "family photo album."

But, Shadow, our youngest dog, has found a new game, which in the summer works great to keep her cool. She loves to attack the water from the hose when I water the flowers.

When we go outside she goes right to the nozzle waits and stares at me. She is almost as addicted to the water game as she is with the red dot, but alas the red dot is still the addiction that both dogs cave to. They have even dropped snacks and food when the laser is picked up.


Everyone loves to talk about the weather and as hot as we all thought it was last month we had no record highs and official temperatures at the Worland Municipal Airport did not reach triple digits as they have in years past.

So, when I look at the high records I am thankful it has not been that hot, yes I know I probably jinxed us all the rest of this week, and I'm thankful for air conditioning.

Speaking of weather, we ran out of room on page 3, the usual place for us to list the actual temperatures for the past week so check for temperatures below.

Just an FYI (for your information) we will no longer be putting in a forecast since we have to get the forecast on Tuesday for the weekend and the forecast changes rapidly it seems in Wyoming.

Hope to see you at the fair this week and if you love rhubarb check out the rhevival Saturday morning after the parade.