By Karla Pomeroy

DeMunbrun appointed to fill Ward 2 vacancy


September 19, 2019

Karla Pomeroy

Kody DeMunbrun (right) takes the oath of office administered by Worland City Attorney Kent Richins during Tuesday's city council meeting, DeMunbrun was appointed to fill the Ward 2 vacancy.

WORLAND - Worland Mayor Jim Gill appointed, with council approval, Kody DeMunbrun to fill the Ward 2 vacancy left by the death earlier this summer of Dennis Koch.

DeMunbrun was one of three candidates who submitted letters of interest and spoke to the council Tuesday night. Gill noted a fourth candidate withdrew his name. The other two candidates were Wendy Fredricks and Lee Lockhart. The council had no questions for the candidates following their presentations.

During DeMunbrun's presentation she said she would let her letter of interest speak for her, but added, her first interest in the position was because she had worked for Dennis Koch for many years at the Northern Wyoming Daily News. "He's a man I admired and respected," she said, adding that he was excited when he first ran for council.

She said that after attending the Sept. 3 council meeting and the Sept. 9 work session, "I am inspired. I am inspired about what you all are doing. I am inspired about trying to make Worland continue to be the great city we all know and love or we wouldn't be here, because I think we all choose to be here."

In her letter she wrote, "I care deeply about Worland. I feel I am a quick learner and a hard worker. I feel I would be an asset to the council."

She said she moved to Worland 14 years ago with her two children and "found it to be a fantastic place to call home. I love Worland and the people in Worland. I consider this community to be a part of my extended family. My desire, my mission so to speak, is to do my best to help the community continue to grow and prosper in healthy ways."

DeMunbrun said that she has concerns about the decline in small businesses in Worland and would like to work on solutions in that area.

She is also active in the Elks and the Wyoming State Championship BBQ & Bluegrass Festival Committee.


The council also approved on first reading an ordinance updating the city code regarding maintenance of the exterior of real property.

Changes in the ordinance include a more detailed definition of "junk." The current code defines junk as "Material, appliances, automobiles, machinery, and other items that no longer function as they were originally designed or intended to function."

The new definition under the proposed ordinance adds the following to the junk definition "Articles such as, but not limited to appliances, furniture (except furniture intended for outdoor use and is being used as intended), parts thereof, boxes, cardboard, paper, glass, plastic, scrap lumber, wood other than firewood, pallets, tires, auto parts, mattresses, batteries, machinery parts, rags, combustible or flammable waste, litter, refuse, rubbish, building materials, and any other materials that no longer function as they were originally designed or intendent to function."

The current code states regarding notification and enforcement that upon notification, "The responsible person or entity shall have ten (10) days to comply with the notice to abate the nuisance."

The proposed ordinance changes the notice to read as follows, "The responsible person or entity will be give only one warning with a 10 day grace period for the violation per calendar year."

There is also changes to the definition of improved parking surface and changes to vehicle parking and storage on property in a residential district. Under the proposed ordinance a maximum of two operable vehicles may be parked in the backyard of a residence and one vehicle in "disrepair" as long as that vehicle is "screened from ordinary public view."

According to the proposed ordinance, "The phrase 'screened from ordinary public view' means in a manner which does not constitute a menace or unsightly obstruction for the public and neighboring citizens, a public safety hazard, a health hazard, or an attractive nuisance by means of suitable fencing that is specifically manufactured for the intended purpose of fencing material (electric, charged, barbed, razor are not allowed, trees or other suitable shrubbery or opaque covering."

Richins said with the changes to the city code the staff is attempting to address issues and concerns that have been raised around town.

He added, "I want it to be something that law enforcement can enforce and I feel comfortable defending in court."

In other business Tuesday night:

•During department head reports, Airport Manager Lynn Murdoch reported that they received notice that the runway closure will be Sept. 25-26 for restriping. She said they are working with all of the pilots and Guardian Flight is bringing in a helicopter since the closure only impacts fixed-wing aircraft.

•Clerk/Treasurer Tracy Glanz and Chief of Police Gabe Elliott said there was a minor issue during Harvest Festival with one of the city's liquor license holders vending at an event. Glanz said there are specific regulations regarding where alcohol can be purchased and that was not followed.

A letter is being sent to all liquor license holders reminding them of the regulations, she said.

•Approved a retail liquor license transfer from Wild West Markets to Eaglecav LLC doing business as Reese & Ray's. There were no comments during the public hearing and no representative from Eaglecav.


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