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Mammoth Quick Draw brings art and speed together

WORLAND – Typically art can take weeks and even months to finish and perfect, but the Mammoth Quick Draw challenges artists from around the region to complete entire masterpieces from start to finish, or finish an already existing piece of art in under an hour this Friday starting at 5:30 p.m. at the Washakie Museum and Cultural Center.

This event started eight years ago, and will feature 32 artists this year during the insanity that is the Mammoth Quick Draw.

One of those 32 artists who will be trying her hardest to finish her piece within an hour will be Karyne Dunbar from Shell.

Dunbar has attended every Quick Draw event since it was introduced back in 2011, and has been driven every year to make sure that her work is what stands out time and time again.

"I have many fond memories from previous events," Dunbar said. "The people who really connect with my work on an emotional level is what makes me so delighted to share my work."

The event brings out the creativity within all of the artists, but the speed element is sometimes not the most favorite part for some artists. That is why the event offers the opportunity to finish works of art that are already started in what is called a quick finish.

"Quick is not really a part of my artistic vocabulary," Dunbar said. "That works well for some but it's not my cup of tea, I feel I can donate a higher quality piece of work if I can have a big head start and finish at the event."

The purpose of all of these artists coming together to create art as fast as they can benefits the Washakie Museum and the Worland Rotary Club with an auction that takes place at 8 p.m. shortly after the artists should finish their projects at 7:30.

The funding from these pieces of art will go toward the support for programs, exhibitions, and special events at the Washakie Museum as well as supporting programs for Worland Rotary Club.

The different styles of the art that will take place will include different types of painting, crafts and ceramic works to help promote the different styles of art that are present in the region and across the country.

The particular art style that Karyne wants to use for the event this year is an acrylic painting, featuring a round dining table surrounded by sunflowers that she has been working on, and will finish it with a set of birds around the table.

"I use acrylics because they have an immediacy and vibrancy that dries quickly and can be safely in the hands of an adoptive bidder on the same night." Dunbar said.

There are many events that go on within the Worland community throughout the year, and the Mammoth Quick Draw is no exception for being an interesting event that may be intimidating if you go the first time, but according to Dunbar, don't be afraid to connect with the artists.

"Don't be shy, ask questions get to know the artists, connect," Dunbar said. "You will find something you will love to have in your life."

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