Greybull backs away from pit bull ban


January 30, 2020

GREYBULL (WNE) — In the face of heavy opposition from the community, the Greybull Town Council has decided to address the problem of dangerous and vicious dogs without the use of any breed-specific legislation that targets pit bulls.

The decision, reached during a special meeting at Town Hall Jan. 23 was not unanimous, but rather 4-1 with Councilman Clay Collingwood casting the lone dissenting vote and, taking it a step further, suggesting that he might raise the issue again at the February meeting.

After flaring up on social media in the days that followed the January meeting, the discussion resumed on Jan. 23, as approximately 60 residents from across the Big Horn Basin filed into the council chambers to speak out against the proposed pit bull ban.

The town had scheduled the meeting two days earlier, indicating on the agenda that it was to consider a motion declaring its opposition to any form of breed- specific legislation as a way of

addressing the dangerous/vicious dog issues facing the town.

Many community residents who showed up did so wishing to make statements to the council.

Before calling for the vote and seeing it pass 4-1, Foley called on the town to move forward with efforts to better define vicious and dangerous dogs based on their behavior, rather than on any kind of breed- specific legislation.

"I think we can come up with better guidelines on behavior, instead of labeling specific breeds, which would not be enforceable," he said.


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