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The News Editorial: It's time to get informed

The Wyoming Legislature 2020 budget session began Monday and things have already been moving fast and furious in this 24-day session.

There is nearly 300 pieces of legislation that have been filed. Some will not even make the two-thirds vote for introduction, in fact seven died on the first day failing introduction. Some will die in committee some will not advance from one legislative hour to the other, but there will be a good number that make it all the way to the governor’s desk to be signed into law.

Some bills are only “housekeeping” cleaning up language of previous legislation, others could have lasting impact on your life or your neighbors.

There are several relating to firearms including Senate File 80 that would require a three-day waiting period to purchase a handgun.

There are some oddly named but important bills such Senate File 96 — Cold Showers For Grandma. The bill stipulates, “A nursing care facility shall ensure hot water temperatures are adjusted for resident comfort and safety.  Water temperatures for nursing care facility resident showers and baths shall not exceed 120°F and for hand wash sinks shall not exceed 110°F.”

The bill also addresses staffing requirements, stating, “Unless otherwise specified by law, the division shall not require licensed practical nurses or nurses with more advanced credentials to serve as nursing staff for any secured unit of an assisted living facility or any assisted living facility dedicated to providing special care and services for people with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia conditions.”

Among the bills that failed introduction Monday is a bill that would have increased the production requirements for agricultural land qualification from $500 to $3,000.

Another bill that failed introduction Monday would have increased salaries for the state’s top five elected officials.

This Friday is the last day for bills to be introduced. If there is a bill you want to be given consideration then now is your chance to let your legislators know.

If there is a bill you are interested in, it is important to let your legislators know.

You can track bills on the website, A story on page 9 outlines how to track information.

The website also has all senators and representatives and how to contact them.

For our area legislators you can contact them at:

Rep. Mike Greear, [email protected]; Cell: (307) 388-3399

Sen. Wyatt Agar, [email protected]; Cell: (307) 921-8825

Rep. John Winter, [email protected]; Cell: (307) 690-0185

Be an informed citizen. Know what your legislators are doing. You can keep track of how they voted on certain bills by checking out the “digest” tab of a bill you are following.

Being informed now will help you be informed at the polls come August and November during the primary and General Election.

It’s your state and your citizen Legislature. Let your voice be heard if there is an issue that you want them to address.

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