Four seek U.S. House seat; two vie for U.S. Senate


October 29, 2020

This week the Northern Wyoming News profiles candidates for the U.S. House and U.S. Senate.

Incumbent Liz Cheney won the Republican nomination for the U.S. House and is challenged Democrat Lynnette Grey Bull, Constitution Party candidate Jeff Haggit and Libertarian Richard Brubaker.

The candidates were given a questionnaire to provide information on why they are seeking the state's lone House seat. Cheney provided a statement. Haggit and Grey Bull replied to the questionnaire. The Northern Wyoming News received no response from Libertarian Brubaker.

There are only two candidates for the U.S. Senate. Cynthia Lummis, who formerly served Wyoming in the U.S. House, won the Republican nomination with Sen. Mike Enzi retiring at the end of his current term (Dec. 31). Merav Ben David won the Democratic nomination.

Both responded to the NWN questionnaire.

The Northern Wyoming News is also providing information on the presidential candidates as provided by the Wyoming League of Women Voters.

Voters will be going to the polls on Nov. 3. Polls open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Absentee voting is underway. Early voter registration ended Oct. 19.

More information on the federal candidates can be found in a voting guide by the Wyoming League of Women Voters, League of Women Voters of Laramie and the Laramie Boomerang at

U.S. House Candidates

Liz Cheney - Republican

The following statement was received from Rep. Liz Cheney in response to the questionnaire the Northern Wyoming News sent out.

I am honored to be Wyoming's lone representative in the U.S. House of Representatives. I serve as the third ranking member of the House Republican Conference and sit on both the House Armed Services Committee and Natural Resources Committee.

I'm a proud constitutional conservative with a track record of championing free markets, restoring our liberties, securing our country, and defending our constitutional rights. I have been a tireless advocate for Wyoming families and our key industries, including ag, energy and tourism, working to protect us from one-size fits all policy handed down from Washington, DC. I will work every day to stop those who want to take power away from individuals and give it to the federal government. Wyoming only has one seat in the US House and we must ensure we have the strongest voice possible representing us.

Lynnette Grey Bull - Democrat

Where do you currently live?

I reside on the Wind River Indian Reservation, in the heart of Wyoming.

How long have you lived in Wyoming?

I resided in Arizona for 11 years. I moved to Wind River Reservation in August of 2017.

What type of work do you do, and where do you work?

I am presently the director of an organization I founded in 2013 – Not Our Native Daughters. NOND works to promote the education, awareness, and advocacy work of Child sex trafficking; human/labor trafficking; human trafficking and exploitation in Indian country and missing, and murdered, indigenous women & girls. I also facilitate trainings/education in Trauma-InformedCare for victims of sexual assault; ACES – Adverse Childhood Experiences and Historical Trauma to Present Day Trauma in Native Americans. In addition, I also work for the Northern Arapaho Tribe as the director for the Department of Interior -Land Buy-Back Program. Lastly, I also serve as vice president to the Global Indigenous Council.

Why are you running for Congress?

I want to create change. I want to see the 53% of Americans that make up the working-class, represented in Congress. More than half of those in Congress are millionaires - median net worth of members of Congress is just over $1 million. With Wyoming 11% unemployment rise; due to covid-19, there is much to be done. Furthermore, I want to bring respect and dignity back to our political discourse. I have demonstrated a willingness and ability to work constructively with Republican colleagues. Wyoming deserves a representative whose motives are to better the lives of everyday Americans.

Jeff Haggit – Constitution Party

Where do you currently live?

I live in Mountain View, Wyoming (Uinta County)

How long have you lived in Wyoming?

I have lived in Wyoming since 1976

What type of work do you do, and where do you work?

I work for TATA Chemicals which mines trona and processes it into soda ash. I am an Instrument Tech in the powerhouse.

Why are you running for Congress?

I am running for U.S. House to offer a choice to that voting block who wants to get the U.S. hating U.N. out of our country; who wants their property rights protected; who wants the freedom to choose medical treatment as they see fit without government intrusion. This nation has suffered losses to our freedoms for over 100 years through bad amendments, laws, and executive actions. It is time to put an end to the bleed and right the ship. Wyoming is a state that embraces independence and loves its great outdoors with all it has to offer. So do I. Let's Make America Constitutional Again.

NOTE: In a story on Haggit in September, Haggit clarified that his concern is with the 17th Amendment concerning the election of senators, not the 16th Amendment

U.S. Senate Candidates

Merav Ben-David - Democrat

Where do you currently live?


How long have you lived in Wyoming?

More than 20 years.

What type of work do you do, and where do you work?

I'm a professor of wildlife biology at the University of Wyoming.

Why are you running for U.S. Senate?

"Every year, young people leave our state because they can't find good jobs in Wyoming. Every year, layoffs in our industries leave workers and families unable to make ends meet. We should have diversified our economy decades ago, but we didn't. Why? Because career politicians like my opponent are bad at making difficult choices.

I tackle issues differently. I solve problems by asking hard questions, gathering the relevant information, and drawing evidence-based conclusions. The need for such a perspective is clearer than ever given the fallout from the pandemic and the impacts of climate change.

I never imagined I would be interested in politics. But scientists like me are problem solvers. I understand the threats facing our state and our country. I know what we need to do to address them. And I'm ready to get to work.

Cynthia Lummis - Republican

Where do you currently live?

I split my time between Cheyenne, Etna and Wheatland.

How long have you lived in Wyoming?

My entire life.

What type of work do you do, and where do you work?

I'm a fourth generation Wyoming native and lifelong rancher. I currently operate my family's cattle ranches, and the Sweetgrass development in Laramie County, with my brother and sister. From 2008 to 2016, I served as Wyoming's lone Congressman in Washington where I helped cofound the Freedom Caucus, championed Wyoming's mineral and energy resources and fought to rein in spending and reduce the federal deficit. Prior to serving in Congress, I spent eight years as Wyoming State Treasurer and 14 years as a member of the Wyoming State House and Senate.

Why are you running for U.S. Senate?

As our country continues to deal with the impacts of COVID-19 over the months and years to come, it will be more important than ever for Wyoming to have proven, effective leadership in the United States Senate. To have a fierce advocate for small businesses and free enterprise as well as unwavering defender of the Constitution and the civil liberties it protects. During my time serving in the House of Representatives, I was proud to be that voice for Wyoming. As your next Senator, I will work to enact policies that put Wyoming families and workers first. This means bringing the development and manufacturing of essential products back to the U.S .; promoting domestic energy production and ensuring a fair and transparent regulatory framework; and reducing our staggering national debt.

In the race for U.S. Senate, I'm proud to be endorsed by President Donald Trump, U.S. Senators Mike Enzi and John Barrasso, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as well as over 100 community leaders from all 23 Wyoming counties. But the most important endorsement I can receive is yours. On November 3, I hope I can count on your vote.


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