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By Karla Pomeroy

Washakie County fair board mulls change in fair dates

State Fair pushes 2021 fair back a week


November 12, 2020

WORLAND — With the news that the Wyoming State Fair will be one week later next year in August, the Washakie County Fair Board is considering the logistics of changing the county fair dates.

Currently the county fair is set for July 25-Aug. 1. Traditionally the state fair has been a week after the county fair ended. Washakie County 4-H Educator Amber Armajo reported to the fair board at their regular monthly meeting Monday that the state fair is set for Aug. 17-21 in 2021, more than two weeks after the county fair would have ended.

She said she does not know why the state fair dates were changed, but also noted it falls in the middle of the first week of the 2021-22 school year for Worland students.

The board discussed the facts that some entertainment acts have already been booked and that Live A Little Productions is expecting to bring the Monster Trucks back on the last day of fair, July 31.

They told Armajo they will contact the music organizer Dan Kosel, as well as Live A Little Productions to see if it possible to change dates.


In other news, Armajo reported that 4-H Achievement Night is next Thursday, Nov. 19 at 6:30 p.m. at the fairgrounds. She said at this time the evening is planned to be in-person with a virtual option for those feeling more comfortable to attend via the Facebook Live video.

She said, however, if active cases continue to rise in the county (currently at 47) then the entire event may be moved to a virtual event.

Armajo noted that with Ten Sleep School already moving middle and high school students virtually at least through the Thanksgiving break, they are encouraging their youth to avoid large gatherings.


The board discussed several things that need to be done in preparation for next year’s fair.

Marty Cross said he would like the board to consider advertising for rodeo contractors to submit bids early in 2021, possibly in February. In the September meeting, the board discussed wanting several bidders for the kids rodeo and fair rodeo.

He also said the board needs to seek bids or letters of interest from organizations who want to handle ticket sales at the grandstand events. If a youth organization handles ticket sales, the board would like adult supervision.

They again reiterated the need to close off entry access to the grandstands except through one ticket gate.

For safety reasons they also need to determine a way to keep the public out of the area where the rodeo competitors are at the one end of the arena.

With only three board members in attendance no action was taken but the board also discussed:

•The need for two people to count gate sales at the end of each evening and finding a way to secure the money until a deposit can be made the next day. With too much access to the fair office, board members said they are uncomfortable leaving the money there in the future.

•Discussed purchasing 45 goat pens with Marty Cross asking if 45 was needed for the 2021 fair. Tamara Drake said she would map out how many pens may be needed for the goats for next year, which could bring the number of pens down.

•Shane Wiggins said the pens for each animal should be clearly marked for future fairs.

•Acting chairman Marty Cross said he had contacted Rocky Mountain Power about donating some poles to make a new, more inviting Washakie County Fair sign. He said they would have to hire someone to make the actual sign that would say “Washakie County Fair.”

He said he would also like to see if the board could procure a refrigerated trailer so they did not have to rent two trailers (for two different brands of beer) each fair week; and to purchase a freezer for ice for use during fair week.

He and Shane also said they need to continue to fix up the arena for the stock contractors, including replacing the load out chute.

When it was suggested about contacting the commissioners to see if they would pay for the chute replacement and sign, Cross said the board needs to go to the commissioners with the mindset of “how can we do this together.”

Cross also announced that he has submitted a letter of interest to be re-appointed to the board when his term ends Dec. 31.


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