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Karla's Kolumn: Starting the anti-resolution

I know, right now you are thinking there is a typographical error and that I meant to type revolution. You may be thinking this would have to do with protests regarding the 2020 presidential election, alleged election fraud and (as I right this) the upcoming votes from representatives and senators regarding certifying the aforementioned election.

You would be wrong. It is not a typo.

Yes, I decided 2021 would be my year to try and lose a little weight, eat fewer sweets and exercise more. I don’t want to call it a resolution, however. I call it getting older and wanting to be healthier to enjoy what I hope is many more years ahead.

I did not start my said plan on Jan. 1 – are you kidding – it’s a holiday, right before the weekend, no I figure Mondays are, well, Monday, and what better day than to put your body into culture shock with a few changes than on a Monday when you’re shocked enough that the weekend is over, even a three-day weekend.

So instead of making a bunch of resolutions to try and better myself and wait until my resolve is no longer there, I’m thinking it’s better to make a list of anti-resolutions. Things I resolve not to do in 2021.

I resolve not to stop playing dot with my dogs. This one I really have no choice over the matter. They know Sunday is laundry day, laundry day means we go to the basement with a long hallway in which to chase the dot.

I resolve not to spend too much time on social media, except for my newest obsession videos of Charlie, Buddy, Daisy and Herbie (You have to check out the videos of these dogs – Search Charlie the Golden.)

I resolve not to eat broccoli. You see how easy these are to keep, or rather not keep. You can insert kale here or cauliflower.

I resolve not to stop drinking Diet Dew. This is for my sanity and the protection of those around me (see also the chocolate anti resolution for same reasoning.)

I resolve not stop giving my dogs lots of pets and belly rubs and ear scratches.

I resolve not to be amazed at the number of people who will run the red light at Big Horn and Railway this year.

I resolve not to shake my head at the things Congress will or will not do this year. OK this one I probably will break, if I have not already.

I resolve not to make up words at the end of a prayer like awoman just for the sake of trying to be politically correct.

And finally I resolve never to forget that I am not in charge, the mayor is not in charge, the governor is not in charge, the speaker of the house is not in charge, celebrities are not in charge, but rather God is and always will be in control of all things.

Can I get an amen, period, end of story, nope no need to add to anything but amen.

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