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County has no breakthrough deaths, hospitalizations


October 14, 2021

WORLAND — The Wyoming Department of Health is tracking breakthrough cases through their COVID-19 dashboard on its website.

According to the Wyoming DOH, “Breakthrough infections are infections that occur in people who are fully vaccinated. Fully vaccinated people are those who completed the COVID-19 vaccine series 14 or more days before their infection. Janssen requires one dose of vaccine for the series while Moderna and Pfizer/Comirnaty require two doses to be complete.

The data in the breakthrough case dashboard only includes cases from May 1, 2021, to the present because by May 1, vaccines were widely available in Wyoming. The data also only includes those 12 and older as they are the only ages eligible for the vaccine.

According to the Wyoming DOH statistics, in Washakie County since May 1 there have been 545 probable and confirmed COVID cases from May 1 to Oct. 12. Total hospitalized count during that time is 17, all of whom were persons not fully vaccinated. They also show three deaths, again, persons who were not fully vaccinated.

There were three breakthrough cases among the total confirmed cases in the county since May 1. The cases were reported in August and September.

According to the data 100% of the cases in Johnson, Crook and Weston counties were from people not fully vaccinated.

In the Big Horn Basin, 99% of COVID cases in Washakie County from May 1 are from those not fully vaccinated, 98% of the cases in Hot Springs County, 99% in Park County and 99% in Big Horn County.

In Teton County, 86% of the cases are from persons not fully vaccinated. Teton County has a 76.15% vaccination rate, the highest of any county in the state.

Laramie County has the highest total number of breakthrough cases with 167, followed by Teton County with 144 since May 1.

In Hot Springs County there were 405 probable and confirmed cases with six breakthrough cases. One of the six breakthrough cases was hospitalized. Total hospitalized count was 13 in the time period.

There were five deaths since May 1, all from persons not fully vaccinated.

Big Horn County showed no breakthrough deaths or hospitalizations. They have had 713 probable and confirmed cases since May 1 with 26 total hospitalizations and 11 deaths.

The state recorded 41 new deaths on Tuesday including six from Big Horn County, all six were from a local long-term care facility. None were reported as break-through cases as of Tuesday.

Park County had one death of a fully vaccinated person out of 20 COVID deaths reported since May 1. They have had 1,721 probable and confirmed cases. They have had three breakthrough hospitalizations out of a total of 71 hospitalized since May 1.

On Monday, Washakie County had 83 active COVID cases, Big Horn County had 85, Hot Springs County had 10 and Park 147.

Of Washakie County’s 1,132 total confirmed cases, 172 are 18 and younger, 168 in the 50-59 age group, 166 in the 40-49 age group and 162 in the 30-39 age group.


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