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By Karla Pomeroy

Karla's Kolumn: A musical trip down Memory Lane


October 28, 2021

A musical trip down Memory Lane

Have you ever heard a song on the radio, your iPod, Spotify, Amazon Music or other streaming service and your mind is flooded with memories?

If you love listening to music as I do you have to answer that question with a resounding yes.

Some songs I like because of the lyrics, other because of the music, others because of the memories that are associated with the songs. This summer, when I got Amazon Prime it was not the video streaming service that comes with membership that I fell in love with it was the music service.

I am sure others may be similar but it has been an amazing trip down memory lane to find some long lost music.

A few weeks back I searched and found music by Midsouth Boys. Twenty-plus years ago I had been talking to my Uncle Doug wanting country Christian music and someone had found that group for him and I liked them as much as he did.

I ended up purchasing a few cassettes (yes that long ago) but those cassettes were lost in a car crash. We tried to retrieve them but were unable to.

I could not find them on iTunes when I would search but I did find them on Amazon. They are just as good as they were then and it brought back fond memories of sharing music with my uncle.

Monday night, after writing some stories on the Board of Adjustment and Planning Commission, a thought struck me to search for a Christmas childhood song. I knew it was a shot in the dark as I was not even sure about the name. But, I still remembered the chorus from my childhood. I remember the joy as I listened to that album/record/LP (yup that long ago). But as a child I had no idea who sang the song, what the album name was either.

I started with Google and typed in the lyrics. Wait, what was this, was that the song on YouTube. Click play and the childhood memories came flooding back and I could not suppress the smile that formed on my face as I realized yes, indeed, that was the song.

OK, now to find it on Amazon to add to my Christmas playlist. Yes, I am already forming a Christmas playlist to get ready because as I have shared before I love Christmas music and I get to try so many new Christmas songs through AM.

OK, maybe you are wondering what the song was, maybe not, but I will share anyway and you can get on YouTube or your streaming system and check it out, play it for your children or for the child in you.

The Caroleers, on their album "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town," sing a song "The Day Before the Night Before Christmas." It is a catchy little tune. There are several other fun songs on the album like "Who's That Up On The Roof," "I Want An Elephant For Christmas," and "The Weatherman's Christmas Prayer."

As long as I was venturing into my childhood I also had to find Lynn Anderson's song "Ding-A-Ling The Christmas Bell" (her version is better than Charley Pride's). This was one of my mother's favorite albums at Christmas so it brings up fond memories of us listening to Christmas music.

As long as I was already on Memory Lane I stumbled across Barbara Fairchild's "Teddy Bear song." No it is not Christmas but I loved that song and was so excited when Fairchild came to Thermopolis to perform at the fair. The concert was moved across the street to the high school due to inclement weather.

So if you need or want to take a trip down Memory Lane let the music take you there. With technology today the trip is fairly easy.

May your trip be as joyous as mine was Monday night.


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