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Fitbit patterns and a fit about street patterns


January 27, 2022

My Fitbit tells me I got three and a half hours of sleep Monday night and about the same on Sunday night, far short of the eight hours everyone says we need. I prefer at least five hours of sleep but sometimes it just does not work out.

However, when I get less than five hours a night it is hard sometimes for the brain to stay focused for a full day so this week you get a lot of random thoughts.

The first is I am not sure how my Fitbit can tell when I’m sleeping and not just cat napping on the couch, but it seems to know.

I got the Fitbit for Christmas and it has helped me get up away from my computer at work but it is not fair when it lets me know I have so many steps left for my hour goal when I am stuck in a meeting.


Speaking of steps, the other thing that gets me up and moving is, you guessed it, a pup named Roscoe. If you have a dog under the age of 2 you have to constantly know where they are at and what they are doing. You must remove the quilt off you bed because those little ties are just too tempting for a pup.

With Roscoe I want to make sure he stays a social animal and gets used to the “city” so I have been bringing him to work at least one day each week. He is great in the office but we do not go home for lunch so we go for a walk midmorning, noontime and midafternoon.

We have explored a few areas around town and Roscoe is still getting used to sights, sounds and smells of city life, because they are different than what he experiences at home in the country.

He has gotten used to the truck noise from Admiral Beverage but is not a fan of the big machinery when the old Reese & Ray Liquor Store was being demolished.

We have explored Pioneer Square, we went to explore Kiwanis Park but realized there is no real walkway there and my feet get too cold walking on the snow.

We enjoy the bike path as there is much to see and hear along the way.


Speaking of exploring Worland I was visiting with a Worland native, along with someone who has lived here most of their life. The Worland native asked if I thought Worland was laid out weird. Without hesitation I said yes.

That is not a slam to anyone with relatives who helped map out the streets in the city but let’s be honest it seems there are more streets that end or that are split up than there are streets that run all the way through town.

South Third Street gets talked about all the time because of the gate that secures Schlumberger equipment but try to go down south on Seventh, or Ninth. You would think 10th would be a main street that goes all the way through town, and well it does you just have to zig, zag and swerve around Sanders Park first, similar to 12th Street.

Don’t even get me started on 16th, 17th or 19th streets.

As for street names, I love how they are named after founding members of the community, and I have enjoyed reading about many of them through John Davis’ column, but couldn’t they have been put in alphabetical order? Just asking.

When I’m going south on Eighth (which I know goes all the way to Washakie Avenue and makes it one of my favorite streets) I try to remember the order and when I will get to Howell. You would think Howell would be right after Grace but it is not because Obie Sue snuck in there in between the two.

Needless to say, the other non-native in the room at the time of that conversation agreed with me as well.

But after nearly seven years in the community, and delivering some missed newspapers around, I am getting used to which streets I can drive straight through and which ones I have to do a little do-si-do and swing around to get to where I am going.

So whether walking or driving, happy traveling everyone.


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