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Robinson to take over Washakie County planning duties


September 8, 2022

WORLAND — As Washakie County officials continue to search for a new planner following David Anderson’s resignation from the position, county commissioners have found someone to temporarily take over planning duties.

On Tuesday, the Washakie County Commission asked Mike Robinson to take over some of Anderson’s duties. Robinson accepted.

Robinson currently serves on the Washakie County Planning Commission and said temporarily stepping into the planner role would help the commission become better acquainted with rules and regulations.

With no one in the planner role, Washakie County Commission Chairperson Aaron Anderson said he worried officials could “miss something.”

Anderson said during Tuesday’s meeting that the county is seeking to utilize Robinson as a resource. Commissioners would have to figure out a compensation schedule for Robinson.

“We leaned really heavily on David [Anderson],” Robinson said. Robinson added that he’s concerned there could be a conflict of interest with serving in the planner role and also on the planning commission.

Currently, the Washakie County Planning Commission only has three of its five seats filled, including Robinson’s seat. With Robinson taking over planner duties, he would need to recuse himself from some votes, meaning the planning commission would not have a quorum, said Washakie County Attorney John Worrall.

“If you make a recommendation to the planning commission, I don’t think you could do that and also vote on it,” Worrall told Robinson. “I know you’d do the right thing, but you wouldn’t have a quorum and no action could be taken at all.”

Worrall added, “I have no concern whatsoever Mike would incorrectly identify a conflict or act on that inappropriately.”

Anderson said sans a planner, county officials are running into routine, but numerous issues, that are beginning to pile up.

“I just got a text yesterday, ‘Where do we stand on septic applications and when are you going to get them reviewed?” Anderson said. “We have a ton of issues out there.”

Worrall said Robinson “brings a lot to the table,” particularly with his experience in engineering. It would just be a matter of Robinson choosing which role he wants to play in any given situation. Ultimately, it’s manageable, Worrall said.

As it stands, commissioners are tasking Worrall to draft an agreement between the county and Robinson for his temporary services, including potential compensation.

“I’m not here to buy a boat,” Robinson said. “I just want to help out. Budget constraints are open to negotiation.”


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