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Worland author releases fourth novel


October 27, 2022

WORLAND — Wyoming author B.E. Brown has wanted to be a writer since she was old enough to start talking.

She wrote her first story in the fifth grade. In 2011, she published her first book, “In the Absence of Light.”

In her 14 years living in Worland, Brown has published four books. They can be found at the Worland branch of the Washakie County Library and on shelves at Black Sheep Boutique.

“It’s been amazing,” Brown said. “Being a small independent author and having local support has been amazing.

A night clerk at a local hotel, Brown began work on her first novel to stay awake during the early morning hours. She gleaned experience from living in Las Vegas, where she lived when her husband was going to school.

“In the Absence of Light” features familiar places to Wyoming residents like Northwest College in Powell, Greybull, the Bighorn Mountains and trips to Greybull.

Brown’s latest work, “Crossroads,” was released on Oct. 3.

It’s been in the works for nearly a decade.

Brown said more than nine years ago, she sat down with a Worland resident who she described as a “really big” supporter of her writing.

“She asked me if I would write something where the main character was a really good person at heart but had some flaws they had to overcome,” Brown said. “She was tired of reading stuff where they were all bad or good.

“We talked about it for quite a long time. She helped me name some of the characters and things like that.”

Brown’s supporter, Diana Bush, passed away in March 2016. During that time, Brown faced medical issues with one of her children as well. Writing took a backseat.

But Brown was able to use some of the time when she was in the hospital with her daughter to do research and suss out the ideas behind “Crossroads.”

Fast-forward to 2022.

“I’m very proud of how it turned out,” Brown said. “It’s been a long time coming.”

“Crossroads” is set on a ranch outside of Buffalo in the 1880s. Brown said along with Diana, the book is inspired by characters she’s met around Worland.



Some writers, when they sit down to write, their minds operate from beginning-to-end, Brown said. That’s not who she is.

“My mind works kind of like an Oreo cookie,” Brown said. “I write the middle of the book and have no idea how it ends. Very rarely do I write the beginning.

“Eventually, I can take the different parts and put them together. Some people write in a straight line, like a licorice stick. Some people write in the form of a cookie. For me, that’s how it’s always worked. I get an idea and write it down. Sometimes it turns into a book and sometimes it doesn’t.”

Over the years, that approach has led to four works all in the romance vein. Brown has explored romantic suspense, Christian romance, regency era romance and western mystery romance.

She’s also working on a science fiction novel, which just moved to the editing process.

“Crossroads,” along with Brown’s other books, is available for purchase at Black Sheep Boutique in Worland and on Amazon. Readers can also check her books out at the Washakie County Library.


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