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The News Editorial: Winners but no losers Tuesday night

Congratulations to Tuesday’s winners and to the others who were on ballots around the Big Horn Basin.

Those who also ran are not losers. They cared enough about their communities, their counties, their state to put their name on the ballot.

Filing for office and having your name on the ballot is not an easy thing to do.

If you are elected people expect you to serve and to hold true to the things you said you would do while running for office.

If you are not elected, do not be discouraged and do not give up on the desire to serve. You still have the opportunity to serve the community in other ways.

Two years ago, Michael Sanchez ran for city council. While he did not win, he took the opportunity when asked to serve his community as a member of the Board of Adjustment and Planning Commission and has been a valuable member.

Congratulations again to those elected and good luck in your service.

For those who were not as successful Tuesday night, look for other ways to serve your community.

There were 14 candidates initially seeking four seats on the Worland school board, which means, there is an opportunity for 10 to be involved in other ways.

Organizations are always seeking volunteers. You can attend board meetings monthly to listen to the debate and there is an opportunity for the public to speak if you would like your voice heard.

Sometimes people run primarily to have their voice heard.

Theresa Livingston of Worland won the Democratic nomination for governor and faced incumbent Governor Mark Gordon in Tuesday’s race, along with Libertarian Jared Baldes.

As a Democrat in Wyoming, Livingston knew it was a long shot to upset Governor Gordon but she felt compelled to run, especially after the U.S. Supreme Court sent abortion rights to the state levels. Livingston wanted to ensure women’s rights were not forgotten during the election.

She campaigned, she let her message be heard and she gave people a choice on the ballot. Livingston also wanted to be a role model to young girls and women in seeking the highest office in the state or in the country.

In America, you can reach for the stars.

So win or not win, kudos to those on the ballot who wanted their voice to be heard, to get their message out. Thank you for taking the time to run and being willing to serve.

Kudos also to the voters of Washakie County who have found value in the one-cent general purpose tax and voted to continue the tax by nearly 70% in favor.

The tax, which I believe is the fairest tax, provides a lot of services to a lot of residents in the county and I believe the voters realized that and realize the importance the funding is for the eight entities and the services they provide.

--Karla Pomeroy

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