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Christopher Tyler Leyva to Vanessa Renee Thurin, license issued Aug. 26

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Aug. 26 2:33 p.m. 300 S. 14th St.
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Worland temperatures: High 75, Low 51 precipitation: 0.00
Thursday: Sunny, with a high near 84. Northwest wind around 5 mph becoming calm in the morning.
Thursday Night: Mostly clear, with a low around 54. Light and variable wind becoming east 5 to 9 mph in the evening.
Friday: Sunny, with a high near 83. Northeast wind 5 to 7 mph becoming light and variable.
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Saturday: Isolated showers and thunderstorms after noon. Mostly sunny, with a high near 87. South wind 6 to 10 mph. Chance of precipitation is 20%.
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Sunday: Isolated showers and thunderstorms. Partly sunny, with a high near 71. Chance of precipitation is 20%.
Sunday Night: Isolated showers. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 47. Chance of precipitation is 20%.
Labor Day: Isolated showers. Mostly sunny, with a high near 70. Chance of precipitation is 20%.
Sunset tonight: 7:52 p.m.
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DAILY NEWS photo by Susan Lockhart
Two-year-old Hailey Shidler adds bright colors to her painting on the first day of back-to-school activities for students at the Hot Springs County School District’s Early Childhood Resource Center. Teacher Amy Ready said she wasn’t sure how many youngsters to expect but she was thrilled to have a full house of infants and toddlers learning right alongside their parents.

District Court addresses probation revocations

By Jeanette Johnson
Staff Writer

WORLAND—Probation revocations were the order of the day in Fifth Judicial District Court on Wednesday morning with a variety of results.
The most convincing response to Judge Robert Skar’s question why he should go along with a plea agreement came from Stephanie Salcido.
She told Skar she’s made dramatic changes in her life, staying sober, taking care of her kids and starting her own lawn care business, participating in Celebrate Recovery when she can and quitting smoking after 17 years.
“I learned my lesson,” she said. “I want to continue on the road I’m on now.”
The statements made an impression on Skar.
“That sounds like the best reason I have heard in a long time,” he said.
Her sentence was suspended and she was placed on three years supervised probation. A misdemeanor charge of 90 days in the county jail was suspended with six months supervised probation. The probations will run concurrently.
Salcido’s request to participate in a softball tournament out of state was granted.
Despite Larry Joseph Costalez expressing remorse for violating the conditions of his probation and stating the reasons he did it was to continue working and taking care of his family, probation was revoked with the original sentence and conditions being reinstated.
The conditions of his probation stated he was not allowed to leave the state. He was dishonest with his parole agent and said he was working in Wamsutter.
Because of his job working on the new civic center in Riverton, he and his family currently live in that area.
Skar went through the four charges against him one at a time, giving Costalez the opportunity to admit or deny guilt. He admitted to all of them: leaving the state three times, failing to report to parole in Riverton, driving without a driver’s license and being dishonest to his parole agent.
Asked why he lied about where he would be working, Costalez said he had previous approval to go to work in North Dakota but the location was changed to Colorado.
“I was complacent,” he said. “I didn’t think it was that big of a deal, but I should have got permission. I apologize to the court and the state.”
Washakie County Attorney Marcy Argeris made the recommendation to revoke his probation and give him credit for time served.
“You’ll comply with every rule,” Skar told him. “Cut him loose so he can go back to work.”
Curry James Ryan Matthiesen appeared on several probation violations: Consuming alcohol, taking Percocet, failing a breath test in Casper, and testing positive presumptive for drugs.
Sentences were reinstated and he was ordered to get a bed date with treatment procedures which could result in sentence reduction. If he doesn’t get in, he will serve the sentence.
He opted not to have an attorney. As Skar read the charges against him, Matthiesen admitted he had done them. Argeris suggested the probation be revoked and his sentences be reinstated.
“He’s going down hill quickly with prescription meds, alcohol and THC,” she said.
Matthiesen said he resorted back to old habits. He said alcohol abuse is on both sides of the family. The DUI cost him his job. He asked for the mercy of the court.
“I was taught how to do drugs at a very young age,” he said. “I realized I needed to ‘fess up.”
Probation for Daniel Nunes was revoked after explanations of the violations since he was in court. His original sentence of 2-4 years in the state penitentiary was reinstated.
He admitted to the four charges he faces. He was most recently arrested on Aug. 8.
Charges include DUI, attempting to defraud a drug test, drugs and alcohol, dishonesty to his parole agent. In reply to Skar’s question why he attempted to defraud his urine test, he said he was nervous and scared and had to work late.
“I tried gambling and obviously I failed,” he said.
Stints at a half-way house, counseling, AA and NA have failed. He blamed the problems on depression. He told the court he doesn’t think prison is a step in the right direction for him. He asked for a chance to make amends and learn from his mistakes.
“There’s a point where there are no more chances,” Skar said.
Vincente Herrera asked for an attorney. His probation was revoked after Skar went through the list of drug charges including morphine, two charges of meth use, testing positive from mouth swabs.
He was sentenced on May 16 for delivery of a controlled substance to two-to-four years in the penitentiary which were suspended and given a split sentence to serve in the Washakie County Detention Center to be followed by probation.
Argeris expressed concern over Herrera’s continuous drug use. She asked for a $10,000 cash bond.
Herrera said his leg prosthesis makes it necessary to have help. Skar imposed a $5,000 cash bond with no further violations.
“If you get somebody to post the bond and you use, the bond is in jeopardy,” Skar said.
Anthony Herrera (no relation to Vincente Herrera) admitted guilt on seven charges and denied two charges which led to his probation being revoked and a $5,000 cash bond required. The drugs involved include benzodiazepine, THC, marijuana, and opiates.
Herrera talked about successfully completing treatment and working in Hot Springs County at the new airport. After a car accident, “then allegedly my using started.” He blamed miscommunication on his part regarding the treatment schedule.
Argeris pointed out the failed treatment, reverting “back into heavy using” and his inability to maintain sobriety. She asked for a $10,000 cash bond.

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