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University of Wyoming announces spring semester graduates


June 30, 2017

LARAMIE — The University of Wyoming accorded degrees upon the following students from Wyoming at the completion of the 2017 spring semester.

The following degrees may be included on this list: BA (Bachelor of Arts); BAE (Bachelor of Architectural Engineering); BAS (Bachelor of Applied Science); BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts); BM (Bachelor of Music); BS (Bachelor of Science); BSAR (Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering); BSCE (Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering); BSCH (Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering); BSCP (Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering); BSCS (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science); BSDH (Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene); BSEE (Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering); BSFC (Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences); BSME (Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering); BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing); BSW (Bachelor of Science in Social Work); BSPE (Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering); CERT (Certificate); EdD (Doctor of Education); EdS (Educational Specialist); JD (Juris Doctor); MA (Master of Arts); MBA (Master of Business Administration); MFA (Master of Fine Arts); MM (Master of Music); MMED (Master of Music Education); MP (Master of Planning); MPA (Master of Public Administration); MS (Master of Science); MSW (Master of Social Work); PhD (Doctor of Philosophy); PhRD (Doctor of Pharmacy).

From Worland Brittany A. Anderson, BSN; Brian L. Bryngelson, BA; Dane Dooley, BS; Aubrey Michelle Heessel, BM; Jerica Jean Hunter, BS; Theresa Kay Martin, MSW; Jacob D. McGarvin, BS; Keliayn F. McGee, BA; Kristopher J. Mull, BA; Oleksandra Pederson, BSN;

Madison Nicole Ramos, BSN; Justin Rohrer, BA; Tyler D. Schriber, BS; Rangler J. Stuckey, BS; and Bru Swing, BS;

From Cody and formerly of Worland, Briana Michelle Roberts, BA;

From Ten Sleep: Eric R. Redland, BSAR;

From Thermopolis: Rayann Marie Casciato, BA; and Sheridan E. Roling, BA;

From Basin: Bethany Edelweiss Ferrett, BS; Emily G. McKim, BSW; Lauren Gail Olsen, BSN;

From Burlington: Ross A. Davidson, PhRD;

From Cowley: Ashley Ann Bridges, double BS;

From Deaver: Tally T. Wells, BS;

From Greybull: Casey M. Bowe, MA; Michael C. Conner, BA; Alex K. Powers, BSPE;

From Meeteetse: Ashton L. Abarr, BS;

From Shell: Hunter E. Grant, BS.

From Lovell: Jesse James Bassett, BS; Steven B. Durtsche, BA; Kassidy Nicole Hetland, BA; McKayan Porter May, BS; Megan Lynn McClure, BA; Eli Daniel Moody, BS; Caitlyn E. Sorenson, BA.


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