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Karla's Kolumn: More things I know but don't understand

Everything needs a sequel nowadays and my column from a few weeks ago on Things I Know but Don’t Understand is no exception so here goes. •I know my dog fell in my window well but I don’t understand after three years why now. And I don’t...


Karla's Kolumn: Is Worland ready to grow?

How do you grow a city? That’s a question facing the city of Worland as they fight to keep the population above 5,000 in order to hold on to federal Urban Systems funding. The Urban Systems funding has helped the city build major streets including...

 By Karla Pomeroy    Opinion    July 28, 2018

Karla's Kolumn: Things I know but don't understand

I took a few days off last week to get a few projects done at home and rejuvenate myself for the final push of many activities to cover before school starts in the middle of August. During that time off I also let my mind wander and it wandered to... Full story

 By Karla Pomeroy    Opinion    July 14, 2018

Karla's Kolumn: Cowboys and firefighters

Much the same way a kneeling NFL player turned many U.S. citizens into strong, outspoken American patriots, a simple slogan change by the University of Wyoming turned many a Wyomingite into strong,...

 By Karla Pomeroy    Opinion    July 7, 2018

Karla's Kolumn: What were we celebrating?

Wednesday was a national holiday. The Fourth of July. Two hundred forty-two years ago, the Continental Congress declared independence from Great Britain with these words (per transcript from the...

 By John Davis    Opinion    July 3, 2018

The trails talk

I’ve been preparing for a talk I’ll give at the National Historic Trails Center in Casper on July 21. I was contacted by a representative from the museum and asked to speak about how I came to write “Wyoming Range War,” my book about the John... Full story

 By Karla Pomeroy    Opinion    June 30, 2018

Karla's Kolumn: Fond fishing memories

A few weeks ago in his column, John Davis wrote about a few of his fishing memories and that got me reminiscing about some of my favorite fishing memories. What better time than summer time to share...

 By Karla Pomeroy    Opinion    June 23, 2018

Karla's Kolumn: Progress in Worland

With businesses closing in Worland the past few years some people have become concerned about the future of Worland, but there are several things that show Worland is progressing not struggling. Yes,...

 By Karla Pomeroy    Opinion    June 16, 2018

Karla's Kolumn: Turning 50

When you're young, I mean like elementary age or younger, you think 50 is pretty old. And, you're probably right. I mean think about 50 is half of a century and a century is old? But, then, you turn 5...

 By Don Hall    Opinion    June 13, 2018

GUEST COLUMN - June 14: A patriotic holiday, birthday

June 14, nestled quietly between Memorial Day in May and the Fourth of July, is a younger patriotic holiday celebrating the actual American Flag – the Stars and Stripes. The date is also the birthday of one of the Nation’s military services, and...

 By Karla Pomeroy    Opinion    June 9, 2018

Karla's Kolumn: Cats. Who knew?

I write a lot about my dogs, their escapades, the fact that they are my "fur kids" the joy they bring. I'm pretty much a dog person. But then there are our two cats. We had cats growing up but cats ar...

 By Karla Pomeroy    Opinion    June 2, 2018

Karla's Kolumn: When will we stop sharing fake news

OK, let’s get one thing straight. President Abraham Lincoln did NOT say “You can’t believe everything you read on the internet.” I’m sure he would have had the internet been invented during his lifetime, as such it was not. Let’s get...

 By Karla Pomeroy    Opinion    May 26, 2018

Karla's Kolumn: Kudos go out to those who serve

Every once in a while I like to take a moment and send kudos out to people or organizations who are deserving. This week there are many. Let's start with perhaps the most important - Kudos to our...

 By Karla Pomeroy    Opinion    May 19, 2018

Karla's Kolumn: Be careful of leaks

With all the leaking going on in Washington these days, perhaps it is time to send every White House official and staffer and every Congressional delegate and their staffers some Depends. Yes, I...

 By John Davis    Opinion    May 15, 2018

More on early Worland schools

As I indicated in an earlier column back in 2016, I entered the first grade in Worland on Sept. 2, 1949, and, except for six weeks in the fall of 1960, attended Worland schools for the next 11 1/2 years. During that time I think I attended every...

 By Karla Pomeroy    Opinion    May 12, 2018

Karla's Kolumn: Happy Mother's Day from a 'fur' mom

Mothers come in all shapes and sizes, all kinds, including, yes that's right, mothers of "fur" children. My husband and I don't have human children. We do have three dogs and two cats. From the...

 By Karla Pomeroy    Opinion    May 5, 2018

Karla's Kolumn: A catch 22 for the city

The City of Worland is in a quandary with the resignation this week of building official Nick Kruger. The quandary? To continue with the building codes and building inspections for residential...

 By John Davis    Opinion    May 1, 2018

Dealing with illness, then and now

I’ve been suffering from a nasty cold/flu bug the last week or so. It’s not terribly serious, but enough to make life relatively miserable and to stop me from some of my normal routines. Of course, my medical situation is not life threatening, wh...


Karla's Kolumn: Conspiracy theories and rumors

It’s been sort of a strange week here at the Northern Wyoming Daily News, starting early in the week with an entertaining discussion in the newsroom about conspiracy theories and it ended with a dis...

 By John Davis    Opinion    April 24, 2018

Basketball coaching

I had a brief career as a basketball coach. Back in 1964, when I drove to New Hampshire to teach algebra II in the New Hampton School, I had no idea I’d be assigned coaching duties. But it turned out that New Hampton (a private, college...

 By John Davis    Opinion    April 24, 2018

Basketball coaching

I had a brief career as a basketball coach. Back in 1964, when I drove to New Hampshire to teach algebra II in the New Hampton School, I had no idea I’d be assigned coaching duties. But it turned out that New Hampton (a private, college... Full story


Karla's Kolumn: Barbara Bush lived life her way, even at the end

Former First Lady Barbara Bush passed away Tuesday. She has always been one of my favorite first ladies. She was classy but down to earth, not afraid to speak her mind and live life her way. She...


Karla's Kolumn: The joys of 'Living Biblically'

So let's start this column first with a confession that yes, I am a TV junkie. I was so excited to get our first DVR when we were in Basin because working so many nights I was missing some of my...

 By Karla Pomeroy    Opinion    April 7, 2018

Karla's Kolumn: Format changes coming next week

Almost three years ago we made some changes to the look and the format of the Northern Wyoming Daily News. We changed our flag on the top of the front page, we moved vitals inside to page 2 and we...

 By John Davis    Opinion    April 3, 2018

Column: How did Worland get fox squirrels?

When I grew up in Worland, we had no squirrels in the town. I know there were squirrels in Thermopolis, as we’d see them when we went to the state park. I also think there were squirrels in Basin and Greybull, I believe because I saw them, but my m...


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