Property identification focus of commission


February 21, 2019

WORLAND – Multiple county agencies met with the Washakie County Commission on Tuesday, to discuss the identification of rural homes in case of an emergency, and how to best provide signage so county ambulance and fire services can identify the correct home in case of an emergency.

Due to the number of un-named roads in local subdivisions and particularly on multi-home family property, it is difficult for emergency services to identify the correct addresses, and since the property is private, the county is limited to placing home numbers on county property, often at the end of a single road leading into the property.

“It’s really kind of a crapshoot in these subdivisions, because the roads aren’t always named,” said Washakie County Planner David Anderson.

Commissioner Aaron Anderson noted that, “We need to recognize that we may need to amend our subdivision regulations to identify lots, and deal with the worst areas first.”

As pointed out by David Anderson, to change subdivision regulations would require the county planning board to make recommendations to the commission, followed by a public hearing, as directed by County Attorney John Worrall.

Commission Chairman Fred Frandson suggested that the county, working with the County Fire Warden, County Assessor, Road and Bridge Department and the County Planner, first evaluate the problem areas, then decide whether the county needs to provide signs to residents, or weigh further options before contacting home owners with any changes.

“If they are on a county road, the sign needs to go at the end of the drive, but we can’t place them on private property,” noted Frandson.

Commissioner noted that it would take some expense to provide signs to all the properties identified without markings, and that a priority list would be needed by May 1 to factor the added cost into the budget.

The county planner’s office and fire and ambulance services agreed to identify the problem properties and get permissions from property owners before a final evaluation for the commission.


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